This is absolutely ridiculous

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  3. This is absolutely ridiculous

User Info: WandererBard

6 years ago#31
Just so you know, one of the motives behind Case:West was to give a gift (albeit for a price) to the original fans of the DR series, what with it being a new IP on the 360 when it came out, with Capcom unsure of how it would do.

The fact they bring back Frank West just drives that point home. Does it bite for PS3 owners? Kind of, but then, they never had a vested interest (or even a passing one, beyond memes) in Frank.

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User Info: anchorboy7

6 years ago#32
I feel robbed of my epilogue D: but i can see from the point of view of those who own it on 360. i bought DR1 and enjoyed playing as frank but all my friends were getting DR2 on PS3 so i just got it without knowing id have no epilogue

User Info: shawnmck

6 years ago#33
There is also a PC version....which doesn't get the DLC either.

User Info: barney_calhoun_

6 years ago#34
He is presenting a valid compliant, he isnt crying or anything.
By the way, i love the guy who says "ps3 users are so greedy, they want to get everything"...sure you are not being greedy or anything by not wanting to share.
I think the prologue and the epilogue should have been on all plataforms... but well, we already knew what a trainwreck of a company capcom can be when it comes to plataform desitions
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User Info: Malnourished

6 years ago#35
Cry more. PS3 didn't get the first Dead Rising, and was lucky to get the second one.
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

6 years ago#36

From: sultryjmac | #015
Imagine my surprise at seeing a PS3 owner who is crying over 1 piece of exclusive content for the xbox while ignoring all that his system of choice gets in other games.

You sir are obviously having an emotional childish response to some perceived slight against you're favorite system.

I ask others to imagine what it would be like if this forum was filled with the same venom that can be found on the PS3 boards towards capcom. It'd be horrible. Horrible like demanding an apology for a game going multiplatform. (Final Fantasy)

This is not a charity. Those people have stockholders to answer to (without whom they wouldn't be able to make more games) and money talks. If MS paid them for exclusivity then so be it. If you ran capcom you'd take the deal that gets you the most money. You know, with peoples careers as a factor.

But really this is all about people being babies and wanting it all. Instead of appreciating the fact that you're getting a great game that is a sequel to a game that was previously exclusive, you guys take a huge amount of time to whine and condemn capcom. Oh yes, I have seen the PS3 DR2 boards. It's pathetic over there.

I read this topic as "This is absolutely ridiculous, I want your exclusives as well garble garble garble."

Or people like me who only got the PS3 version because they're 360 broke. <----Good comic
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  3. This is absolutely ridiculous

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