Is Case West an ADD ON, or will it be a separate release like Zero?

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  3. Is Case West an ADD ON, or will it be a separate release like Zero?

User Info: TheLastGenius

7 years ago#1
Just wondering. Really want to weigh the differences between the PS3 version and the 360 version. If west is an add-on I'd probably begrudgingly get the 360 version, unless the PS3 version, say had significantly better graphics or something.

Anyone know for sure?
PS3 > Xbox 360

User Info: jsquad4136

7 years ago#2
Oh man your sig is in dangerous territory.....

But seriously I was wandering this as well. You're probably going to get flamed for using words like 'begrudgingly' though so take this.. ....

"Hands flame shield"

User Info: TheLastGenius

7 years ago#3
Hey I was a 360 lover boy until the Wii'd up the 360 and stopped making great original games. They basically turned the "interesting exclusive content on each system" into a multiplatform combat war. They are the ones that make us pay for annual subscriptions, and introduced the pay for content that should be more reasonably priced. MSFT invented the video game exploitation market.
PS3 > Xbox 360

User Info: windycornertv

7 years ago#4
Ok good look for that.

Yeah I curious to whether this will be dlc or a standalone game, because I rather have the PS3 version. Its just a preferenece since I been playing Sony machines for a decade and they have just grown on me.
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User Info: Schwub

7 years ago#5
This is the same exact predicament I'm in, I got PS3 version pre-ordered, but if this is NOT a standalone game but an ADD ON, I might have to cancel and get 360 version.

User Info: y000012500

7 years ago#6
I hope it's stand alone. I'm renting the actual game for monetary concerns, but I still would like to play this game whenever it becomes available.

User Info: Feartheliving

7 years ago#7
I really hope it's DLC so PS3 owners have something real to complain about for once.

j/k To me it really doesn't matter, but for there sake I hope its an XBLA so if they wanted they can still buy the PS3 DR2.
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User Info: FerdMertz

7 years ago#8
I hope it's an add on that opens up new areas in Fortune City. I doubt I will ever play Case Zero again due to Chuck's slow movement speed, the small stand alone area and lack of co-op. It would be nice to have that extra playground in the actual game.

If you own PS360 and choose to get DR2 for PS3, too bad for you. There's a thread in GS's System Wars forum right now linking to a site saying the 360 version runs much smoother. A multiplat that runs better on the 360? What a shocker.

User Info: rappinfire

7 years ago#9
It's standalone. Ever heard the word "Google?"
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User Info: FredCat07

7 years ago#10
I would say that Case West is set as separate game, like Case Zero, since they were Arcade game at start. Or you rather just get addition 250 points achievement in hard way?
Yes, despite his grammar I can tell he's quite intelligent. He's also always willing to help others who play this game. I too appreciate that. ~Golden_Key33
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  3. Is Case West an ADD ON, or will it be a separate release like Zero?

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