Is it 400ms points again?

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  3. Is it 400ms points again?

User Info: Cronik1983

6 years ago#1

Case Zero was a blast for 400ms but the reason I hope its 400ms again is from 8400ms points I now only have 680ms left and have no intention of buying more as im a pc gamer mainly these days (but will have to get both dlc's on xbox and got the main game on pc) and the opportunity that I had to get 8400ms points for just £24 has long gone.


User Info: BBilbo1

6 years ago#2
"Yes." would be the only correct answer.
GamerTag: Hammer2Fall

User Info: yoomazir

6 years ago#3
^^ you got it for fact?
I wouldn't mind paying 80 if the game is longer than Case Zero.

shut up and play!

User Info: GothicGangsta

6 years ago#4
I seriously doubt it will only be 400 msp this time, seing as you have 2 characters with different moves (Frank even uses his camera, which is a seperate game mechanic) the is co-op, keiji has confirmed there will be new weapons, new loaction, new clothes and more.
Plus seing as it is after dead rising 2, both characters will be level 50, maybe even with more levels to achieve.

Case zero was so cheap because you only got a taste of DR2 (only upto lvl 5 and no coop) If you got everything for 400 points, then why pay full price for DR2? exactly !

and no "BBilbo1" does not know for a fact, because capcom and bluecastle have both announced that they havn't decided a pricepoint yet,
but I'd be willing to bet that the only way it will only be 400 is if you need DR2 to play it.
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  3. Is it 400ms points again?

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