*Spoilers* I think I know what they're looking down on

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  3. *Spoilers* I think I know what they're looking down on

User Info: Mr_Delta

7 years ago#1
you know in dead rising 2, it said that phnotran were the bad guys, the makers of zombrex

so they could be looking down on the main phenotrans HQ, just a thought
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User Info: kunaisofdeath

7 years ago#2
That would be a bad idea since Katie and Frank needs Zombrex to keep on living.
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User Info: jsquad4136

7 years ago#3
Hah, it's Umbrella Corp all over again. I am VERY curious to see how the story here plays out.

User Info: King_Dragun

7 years ago#4
looked like willamette mall O.o
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User Info: K1ngM31220

7 years ago#5
"Hah, it's Umbrella Corp all over again."

Came into this thread just to say that.

I really hope I'm wrong.

User Info: Hatiko

7 years ago#6

I think it is the HQ also. I have to re-watch the trailer though.

User Info: rrojas_1926

7 years ago#7
There must be a way To heal frank and katie once an dfor all, also HOW FRANK GOT INFECTED??? they never explain that in dead rising 1 ><, in overtime isabella says he is infected but she dont say How and we dont see it. Or i miss something?
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User Info: DaRk_OnImUsHa

7 years ago#8
He got infected at the ending on the helipad.

tons of zombies surrounding him, must be obvious
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User Info: K1ngM31220

7 years ago#9
He got bitten.

User Info: ronasswipe

7 years ago#10
Yeah i didnt know Frank was infected untill now and i beat DR1 with the best ending..been awhile maybe i just missed that.
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  3. *Spoilers* I think I know what they're looking down on

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