*Spoilers* I think I know what they're looking down on

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  3. *Spoilers* I think I know what they're looking down on

User Info: Cory_Chaos

6 years ago#21
The location is definitely a Phenotrans Laboratory or HQ of some sort. You can tell from what Chuck says in the teaser that the plot line will revolve around him and Frank West infiltrating the lab in order to find evidence that clears Chuck's name.

I predict the pair will arrive at the lab and something will go awry, releasing zeds throughout the facility. Maybe there will be a few missions at the beginning where you have to sneak around / fight through mercs before the zombies break out.

The building is not Willamette for several reasons:

1) It's not surrounded by a city - the building is completely isolated.
2) It's not shaped like Willamette.
3) The statue / monument in the Al Fresca plaza would be visible and in the center of the buildings, and it's not visible.
4) Willamette didn't have search lights and a control / defense tower outside it.
5) Though it's never been confirmed, it can be inferred that Willamette was eventually Fire Bombed and destroyed. We know this is how city wide outbreaks are contained from the case of Fortune City. It's also known that the infection hasn't spread throughout the entire country, so it's highly likely Willamette was the first major loss in the zombie war.

I'd lean toward it being a Phenotrans laboratory. It just makes sense with the story. However, I wouldn't be surprised if a large part of that building is just a disguise for hidden labs, so I wouldn't be stunned if the first floor is a mall full of Phenotrans products or something similar.

Who knows though, maybe Capcom will surprise us.
The Star May Darken, But It Will Always Shine

User Info: Cory_Chaos

6 years ago#22
Actually, I change that. It's not a Phenotrans lab (though there may be one inside the building). It's a factory that produces Zombrex. Check the Case West Wikia:


Those pictures certainly lead credence to the idea of a factory.
The Star May Darken, But It Will Always Shine

User Info: Th3DaRkGaM3R

6 years ago#23
I doubt Williamette was firebombed only because if you remember sullivan said that a military team will be sent in to clean up and if they fail another team is sent in 24 and then firebombing occurs
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User Info: cubecompanion

6 years ago#24
Just thinking out loud here but what if the blue castle decided to go "portal 2" and have the same setting ( willamette) but after it's been destroyed and left for ruin. That would be the ****. Think about it; it would have familiarity for the veteran players and some new things. Yet for the ones who have yet to play DR1 it gives them a taste of what the first game was like. Someone needs to make this right now!

User Info: AzrielThe3rd

6 years ago#25
Willamette was most likely firebombed due to the fact that frank wipes most of the military that enters the mall including the helicopter and tank.

User Info: pikminchampion

6 years ago#26

To those wondering how Frank got infected, I believe there was a cutscene where Frank got stung by a Queen. It was the cutscene that introduces the Queens in the first place.

User Info: cubecompanion

6 years ago#27
Nope you're wrong^. Frank is not stung by a queen, it is just understood that he wasbitten at one point in the game, or he could have consumed the tainted beef that is talked about in the cutscenes.

User Info: pcman2005

6 years ago#28

I laughed so hard at that "I'm infected? What? HOW???" line. I just wished they had a montauge of every time I'd gotten Frank bitten.

User Info: FredCat07

6 years ago#29
The real question is, how did Chuck not get infected?!

He has a disease that prevent him from become one. His daughter is unfortunate though.
Yes, despite his grammar I can tell he's quite intelligent. He's also always willing to help others who play this game. I too appreciate that. ~Golden_Key33

User Info: qwefg

6 years ago#30
I say zombrix people see a pattern. Lots of zombies = lots of death. Death = infections and more zombies. Infections = money and power. Find out how not to be infected then that worth a lot. Find out how a fly can control a swarm, but if the fly gets swatted then zombie head's explode? That would be worth money to be explained. Last thing to study would by the power of crazy. One sane person is useless against a zombie, but one nut can surive a shotgun in the gut/face/other and then boot you in the head for it. I expect at least 3 nut jobs at this joint.
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  3. *Spoilers* I think I know what they're looking down on

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