Anyone down for CW co-op or TIR?

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  3. Anyone down for CW co-op or TIR?

User Info: GrimmTrixX

6 years ago#1
Ok, i know its almost 1am here on the east coast but does anyone have a save file at the very end of case west and want to play to get the co-op achievement or to help me get it? its the only one i need in case west.

Also, if anyone is up for some TIR that'd be cool. i thought i got the achievement for winning all 9 events but apparently not and now its dead online. Sadly I dont recall which ones I havent won but i think these are the only ones i may need as im pretty certain ive beaten the other 5 events already:

Ball Buster
Stand Up Zomedy

I cant quite recall. i may have beaten zomedy and headache but not sure. ive only played ball buster once and know i didnt win it, and i suck at rammsterball. SO im not saying let me win, but if anyone is down for some TIR to allow me a CHANCE to win, i'd be greatful and in the future could help you if you needed some other achievements in DR2, CW, or eventually DR2: OTR. let me know. ill be playing til at least 3am EST.
XBL/PSN: GrimmTrixX -Video Game News and Reviews
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  3. Anyone down for CW co-op or TIR?

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