Dynasty Warriors 7 Game Saves

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User Info: chrence

6 years ago#1
Where can I find Game save for Dynasty Warriors 7???

User Info: DarkPriest

6 years ago#2
on your system's hard drive when you do things for yourself.
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User Info: Holy_Cloud105

6 years ago#3
And games are profile locked now. You won't get any trophies if you get a save from someone else unless they can somehow disable that.
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User Info: chrence

6 years ago#4
Where can I download game saves for dw7 ??? Can anyone give me link/s? :)

User Info: Wandrian

6 years ago#5
No, because that would be a TOU violation that would probably earn the attention of a banhammer. Any save you could actually use that isn't your own would be modded. Go look on modding sites.

No, we can't tell you where a modding site is either. Use a search engine if you're that desperate to not do things yourself in a game.
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User Info: caimot

6 years ago#6
ugh i dont really give a damn about trophies
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User Info: kctman

6 years ago#7
Even if you don't care about trophies, there is a good chance that you may not be able to save the game if you use other people's file.

I have uploaded game saves before...as personal back ups. I don't plan to upload anything until I have maxed every character. Judging from my current progress, it's gonna take a very long time...
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