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"Dynasty warriors 8"

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User Info: IronCaliber

6 years ago#1
Say fellas what are some things yall are hoping for in the next installment!

1) how about two on two online. Two human controlled characters lead an army to attack and two human controlled characters lead an army to defend!!.
2)Make block animation far more realistic and animated. Think Matrix but with swords! This would add a bit of epicness to those one on one general battles.

What say yall!?

User Info: Ryosagi

6 years ago#2
Give more screen and uniqueness for characters. Don't just add more characters if you're not going to use them for their true potential.

Don't sacrifice features/uniqueness/etc for DLC. Those future DLC weapons should have been in the game in the first place.
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User Info: ichabod85

6 years ago#3
I want every character featured in Story mode, I want to be able to play story mode battles with any character and I want all 66+ characters to have their own weapon/move set i.e. DW5. I also want the weapon change system to return but I want your primary weapon fixed, and only your secondary weapon to be changeable.

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

6 years ago#4
1. The return of a couple things still missing-Pang De and Zuo Ci, whatever battles aren't in there, etc.

2. The history fleshed out just a bit further, inclusion especially of more other forces (Yuan Shu's probably a bit overdue for playability by this point, for example). Also bring back some of the old opposing-side battles that the series seems to have abandoned since DW3, e.g. Assault on Liu Biao as Liu Biao's Forces.

3. I'm not a huge stickler for accuracy, unlike some people. I've read the source material, I liked it...I do not need to see it over and over again. If they wanna run with their own story events, that's fine...but for god's sake, include everyone next time. It's downright silly some new characters don't even appear in cutscenes in this, or how the Nanman stuff's just a footnote.

4. Apparently this reuses some DW6 maps? That's cool, since I liked those maps...but I liked other old ones, too. Missing opportunity that the Orochi games had-the DW2 Yellow Turban map kicked ass, for example, go right on ahead and bring it back sometime, maybe?

5. More Nanman dancing endings! Hell, just more Nanman in general.
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User Info: juiceinthebox

6 years ago#5
^ I liked the layouts of most of the DW2 maps. They actually felt believable to me. Some of the newer maps are...iffy.
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User Info: Lord Hugo

Lord Hugo
6 years ago#6
"I want every character featured in Story mode, I want to be able to play story mode battles with any character and I want all 66+ characters to have their own weapon/move set i.e. DW5."

DW5 had its fair share of cloned levels and moves. :P
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User Info: JusticeSO

6 years ago#7
8 -

Duels. Bring them back. Real ones. Calling someone out in the middle of the battle is badass.

Grabs. Real ones. AKA Lu Bu's heinous grab in DW4.

Uniqueness. Xu Huang needs his axe back. Give Cao Pi his longsword back. Give Cao Ren his buckler back. Give Gan Ning his daggers (Sorry, the scimitar was just passable.) etc

Also, on the above - Make EVERY character have a unique moveset for their 'EX' weapon. No more cloning BS. The disc has the effing space.

Skills. You did well to make 2 Musous, but the EX at times just molest the purpose of the Musous. Make more skills that stand between normal charge moves and the EX.

Story mode. I don't care what you do here, but 5 DID have something going for it when you could "live" the legend of the characters. Consider this again, because it's getting old as hell doing the same old stuff.

More Nanman might help. And more Turbans. Make some of them unique.


It's high time you consider some originality here. WO was a great step. Bring in some Chinese-mythic types.

User Info: LegendaryCelebi

6 years ago#8
Keeping in mind that I (obviously) haven't played 7 yet, I'll be basing this on things that I get the strong feeling I won't like about it:

1) Character uniqueness. I honestly don't know what to think about giving every character any weapon you want, but I think at the very least there should be a weapon/move set for every character to start with, and then you can talk about letting any character use any weapon.

2) Go back to the old way of doing Story Mode. I can already tell I won't like this story mode because there's absolutely no incentive to play a country's story again after you've done it once. In earlier games I liked playing through a character's story if I was playing them for the first time because at the very least it was a string of levels that I could play one after the other with just that character, and at best it allowed me to have a bit of a different point of view on the other story lines (such as SSX switching sides, for example).

3) Bring back whatever characters are missing (is Zuo Ci seriously not in this?! You've gotta be kidding me!). There's literally no reason for them not to be in here.

4) I agree with those who say more focus on the Nanman and even the Yellow Turbans. I know they weren't particularly large campaigns, but still, from a gaming perspective, it would be pretty fun and add hours of playtime.

There seems to be a lot of focus from them on shaking things up in this series, but the weird thing is, I think the DW series has demonstrated that it does better when you keep it relatively the same (and just give us more of the same), and worse when you change things up. I mean, DW6 was a huge departure from the norm and a lot of people hated it. If, in DW8, you can give us a game with 60+ characters, each with his own unique moveset, and each with his own storyline even just slightly different from all the rest, we'll be kept satisfied well until DW9 comes out.

User Info: Ryosagi

6 years ago#9
There is just no excuse to have many stages to cover all characters in story mode, and not use all characters. Do we really need Sima Zhao, Zhao Yun, Xiahou Dun, etc to take up all those stages? Story mode would have been find to give all characters their own stages so that the player can at least experience all characters once. Even after you give all characters a stage, there are some left over to still have the poster characters show up again. Just no excuse to not have all characters in story mode.

I'll be very disappointed if they saved it for DLC in story mode.
I like to use exclamation points!! My favorite punctuation and it just shows emotion!!

User Info: EclipsedNight

6 years ago#10
Just one - fix pop in
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