Things we WANT in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

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User Info: FE_AC15

6 years ago#1
After the awesomeness (or at least improvement) of DW 7, I have high hopes for Empires mode.

What would you like to see in the Empires mode?

(Also, if we get a bunch of people, should I send an email to Koei??)

This was an awesome feature back in DW5 Empires, and we need it back. I enjoyed capturing enemy leaders, executing them, and then seeing who their heir would be. I have a few improvements on this idea, which I'm going to enumerate here:

2. Have Old Age Deaths actually work, and possibly add Death by Sickness
Sure, it said they would die from old age in DW5 Empires, but I have yet to see one death from it, and I've played a TON of that game. So make it so people will actually die normally, not after they're 5000 years old. And I think introducing plagues and sicknesses to the death system would liven things up. I know, some people would complain that they're favorite character could easily be killed off, which is true. But if you didn't like it, you could always turn that option off.

3. Introduce Assassination Missions
Going along with what I said about the deaths and such, have missions where you as an officer serving under a lord can opt to assassinate him (and then we can have power struggles and such), or you can attempt to assassinate other lords (with some sort of taskforce?).

4. Advanced Defection Missions
You remember those eXtreme Legends missions where the enemy strategist would send you a letter to defect? We need missions like that, where you can defect (and take one of your former fellow officers down) or you can fake defect and slay the foolish enemy.

5. Have a State Relationship Chart
I know this is asking a lot, but if you just killed Cao Cao, and then the next turn you can ally with Wei, doesn't this idea make sense? It would be really nice to have grudges and friendships apparent, and be able to use this against other factions.

That's all I have for now, so post some ideas.
Please don't post stuff like: "Stop weapon clones," or, "Bring back Renbu." I want fairly realistic here...
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User Info: Hammerhead6468

6 years ago#2
Jeez just play RTK series if you want all that >_>
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User Info: GundamFanT

6 years ago#3
Would I be flamed for wanting traditional exp and levels instead of random stat drops? Also I want the option to keep my exp levels from game to game.

I would like everything you mentioned, except to be optional, like how it was in SW2: Empires. In fact, I would be very happy if they used that game with the DW7 engine. :)
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User Info: Yuna_Themage

6 years ago#4

He's asking for stuff like that because it's called "Dynasty Warriors 7: 'EMPIRES'" for a reason...

Empires has always been the strategic part of Dynasty Warriors. ROTK is completly different system.

User Info: JusticeSeeker09

6 years ago#5
I'd love a game with the strategic elements of ROTK and the hack n slash of DW combined.

User Info: Orcinus_Tooth

6 years ago#6
Look for my post in this thread
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User Info: FE_AC15

6 years ago#7
Those are good points.

I was actually going to post in that thread, but it was archived -.-
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User Info: Yuna_Themage

6 years ago#8

I read your post, very clever ideas!

User Info: Holy_Banisher

6 years ago#9
I want the ability to make up to 1000 different CAWs and be able to serve under an empire instead of playing as its leader (oh and if you successfully inherent the empire, you get the character's headpiece like Lu Bu's antennae or Sima Shi's mask....okay maybe not that last one) idk if this was in DW6:E since I never played that >.>
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User Info: jhaines2112

6 years ago#10
Of all the DW:Empires games I still think the first one, DW4:Empires, was the best. Playing on Hard gave you enemies that were aggressive both strategically and tactically, and the random card system forced you to ride out long stretches without replenishing your troops. Hard mode in a central province was a white-knuckled struggle for survival, and I loved it. The supply line / morale system was the best in that one, too.

So, I guess I'd really like to see a return to the DW4:E approach, but with all the DW7 characters, weapons, and features. Find some compromise between having a small group of generals that can fight anywhere and the tedious micromanagement of every region's generals in DW5:E. Also find compromise between the harsh randomness of the DW4:E policy card system and the "instant revive" silliness of the later games. And definitely have the execution option -- it's so satisfying when someone's been a huge thorn in your side.

But hell, I'd settle for an HD remake of DW4:E with no slowdown...

- Jer
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