Early soul farming

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User Info: luckylogan

6 years ago#1

I need a buy a few items and miracles and it getting very tedious (SL~16-18) to do the 300 souls at dragon bridge. Are there any other spots that are better for souls farming?

User Info: luckylogan

6 years ago#2

Bump, this board is on fire today.

User Info: Bromantic

6 years ago#3
That's pretty much the best place for farming until the forest area 20k unlock.

You can go into the Depths and farm those Curse LIzard guys at the bottom of the sewers for 200 a pop and +tons of rats for humanity.

But if you have never gotten cursed before, be ready to scream and spend a very frustrating hour-2

User Info: HellKnightX

6 years ago#4
Once you unlock the elevator shortcut from the upper undead burg (just before the gargoyles), you can use the crow's nest to fly back to the Undead Asylum. Each of the torch-wielding ghouls drops 100 souls and with the dragon sword you can one shot them. There are not one, but two bonfires nearby and you can kill 6-8 ghouls right by the fire and respawn them every 40 seconds or so.

Just do NOT stand in the middle of the room or you'll fall through the floor and have to fight the Stray Demon, who is very beefy.
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User Info: WtRchUCK

6 years ago#5
At the forest bonfire (the one before the 20k door) you can run down the ramp and kill the 3 treants for 300 souls+herb drops pretty easily (2 fire ball spams gets them all).
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