ways to get humanity

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User Info: Kyerofox

6 years ago#1
The guy you meet after asylem tells you ways to get humnity

1. Kill healthy undead/human npc's
2. Kill hostile monsters sometimes drop the item
3. Buying off merchent in sewers
4. Grinding enemies enough will give you free humanity, not item type.
5 helping summoners
6. Killing other players.
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User Info: darkstorf18

6 years ago#2
1. Reach the bonfire in the sewer.
2. Go down and fight rats.
3.Go up and touch bonfire.
4. Repeat.

Got 7 humanity in like 20 mins! :)

User Info: Mr_Bobjohnson

6 years ago#3
I've been at it for way too long and had no luck at that place at all. I am even using the serpent ring to increase drops. I have killed over 100 rats and no humanity. What gives?

User Info: Mr_Bobjohnson

6 years ago#4
and immediately after posting that I took ring off, put it back on, and started racking up humanity

User Info: BeefyNukes

6 years ago#5
Having your message rated up also gives you humanity. So rate those messages guys.
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