What is reverse hollowing and kindle?

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User Info: mopiee

5 years ago#1
What the hell are those two thing and how do they work???
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User Info: spanky1

5 years ago#2
Reverse hallowing turns you back into a living human. Kindling increases the amount of flasks you get from fires. Both require humanity points.

User Info: HosakaSenpai

5 years ago#3
Reverse hollowing returns you to human form provided you have at least one Humanity (those numbers in the upper left corner) stocked. Kindling allows that bonfire to give you 10 Estus Flasks instead of the usual 5 whenever you rest there. I believe you can even go over that number later in the game.

To kindle, you must be in human form AND have at least one Humanity stocked.
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User Info: rld2

5 years ago#4

Kindle uses 1 point of Humanity to "stoke" your bonfire that you are saving at. Once Kindled, you will spawn with 10 Estus flasks instead of the typical 5.

Reverse Hollowing is a little fuzzy for me, but I believe that it uses a point of humanity to turn you into Human form. Not 100% on this, though.

User Info: FaxModem2000

5 years ago#5
I thought Kindles let you read ebooks? 8Þ
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  3. What is reverse hollowing and kindle?

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