How to get to Havel without Master Key?

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User Info: Froggy3620

6 years ago#1
I just killed the butterfly and got that key, where do I go now to get to Havel? I know its somewhere in Darkroot Garden but Im having trouble finding him
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User Info: Zamuo

6 years ago#2
He's in the same tower where you fought the Taurus Demon a floor below him I believe.

User Info: Corrupted_Wolf

6 years ago#3

There's a key you get after the Butterfly boss when you follow down the path that opens up. It's where you pick up the Divine Ember.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

User Info: Froggy3620

6 years ago#4
Yes I got that key, but from what I understand there are 2 doors, one is opened from the forest with the Butterfly key, the other opened from the tower with the master key.
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Mains: Marth

User Info: Froggy3620

6 years ago#5
bump, looking for forest entrance
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User Info: NineteenthCross

6 years ago#6
Okay, if you're heading into the Darkroot Garden from the Blacksmith, you want to stick to the right side until you see a glowing flower on a ledge. FLOWER, not item.
Walk over to the floor, watch your back because a Tree Guy will pop up. After killing him, adjust the camera, you'll see a little winding path that leads downwards.

Follow that path until it levels out.

Side note, to get to a bonfire.
Rather than following it after it levels out, keep going downwards.
Follow the path all the way down , kill the Black Knight guarding it. The bonfire also leads to the Valley of the Drakes.
you should see some tall white thingies in the distance, The Crystal Men and something big and swirling in the background.
Hug the edge of the canyon and run towards the tower. It's up the hill and to the right from the where the trail ended.

Once you open the door... Havel will be right there immediately to your right.
If you feel gutsy, you can run up the stairs before he notices you.
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User Info: edreedisgod20

6 years ago#7
You have to go back near the entrance to Darkroot Garden and go down into Darkroot Basin. The tower is up a hill near the crystal guys, before the Hydra.

User Info: siky

6 years ago#8
Go to the blacksmith near the church in Undead (Parish?), near Sen's Fortress. Go down where the Titanite Demon should be (or dead if you killed him) and walk out the entrance to the forest below. Kill the 2 plant monsters and then take the right and follow the path all the way down the cliff until you have a split path, one leading to a bonfire, the other leading to crystal golems and the hydra boss. If you keep walking along the cliff edge ignoring the path towards the crystal golems and hydras, in the building Havel waiting to crush your skull in beside the inside of the door.

User Info: xThePheno

6 years ago#9
You'll also find a black knight guarding a Grass shield that boost stam recovery. It's pretty nice. This is on the cliffs once you enter the basin. Once you leave the stone demons room head left. Kill the first grass monster and look for a path the leads to the right.
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