Drake sword requirements?

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User Info: Mooytheman

6 years ago#1
I went sorccerer build just curious if its worth my time getting the drake sword.

I have 14 str and 11 dex

what does Drake sword need?

Bonus question:

Where is the forest located so I can farm those souls. I've lost close to 24,000 souls and Im ready to die...
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User Info: Drago77

6 years ago#2
You need 16 strength, as far as the forest goes, do you mean darkroot garden? You can access it a little bit after beating the giant boar and getting to the cathedral.
^That's you.

User Info: Kenji Murasame

Kenji Murasame
6 years ago#3
Yeah, it's just 30 arrows at the Dragon's Tail, cheap to do. Requires 16 str 10 dex. But just 2-hand it and no need to raise strength at all, I don't think it's worth raising str for this short-term weapon.

Don't know about your bonus question.

User Info: Fog_Raw

6 years ago#4
Can you obtain the Drake sword by using the catalyst or does it have to be arrows?
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