How do i get to crystal cave??

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User Info: kupo4life

5 years ago#1
I need to fight seath the scaleless, I got killed and sent to the jail in the archives, I got out, got the keys and went out the door out top. I found a bonfire out in a balcony and now I have no clue where to go.
Where do I go for the boss from here

User Info: kupo4life

5 years ago#2

User Info: sajustne

5 years ago#3
I am equally confused

User Info: Vithar

5 years ago#4
there's sets of stairs you can rotate to get to the other side in the library, there's a door that leads to a platform the lowers and door to outside

Best I can explain
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User Info: Shingouryu

5 years ago#5
Have you opened the passageway near the bonfire on the ground floor yet?

If not, you need to go to the second or third floor (I can't remember which off the top of my head, sorry) on the right side when facing inside from the balcony. There will be a room there with a ladder down. Go down and flip the switch to create a shortcut to the bonfire. Theres another switch in this series of rooms that leads outside to crystal cave, and also has the key to Logan's cell (but beware of mimic)
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User Info: Sayl

5 years ago#6
Go down the ladder on the balcony into that forest looking place with the golem, if there is no ladders you are not at the right balcony. You need to get to the bottom of the dukes archives, keep finding ways to head down and away from the starting room (the one with the boars) and eventually you will see a balcony that lets you into the outside of the castle, and the crystal caves awaits. Enjoy being lost, crystal caves is just lame!
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  3. How do i get to crystal cave??

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