Uchigatana Help! (Upgrading assistance needed)

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User Info: Kryktal

5 years ago#1
Ok, so im look forward to upgrading my uchigatana to lightning +5, but im not nearly far enough to start upgrading to lightning. im a noob at upgrading, and i was wondering if theres any prep work needed before you start upgrading lightning weapons, (as in should i just upgrade it regularly to +5 before i start upgrading to lightning?

User Info: bavsin

5 years ago#2
It needs to be at +10 before you can make it a lightning weapon.

User Info: Kryktal

5 years ago#3
Just regular +10? through titanite?

User Info: Graq

5 years ago#4
Yes, the upgrade path for lightning is Normal +5 -> Normal +10 -> Lightning +5.

So you upgrade it to +5, then ascend to +6, upgrade to +10, ascend to lightning weapon, then upgrade to +5 lightning weapon

User Info: Aesthetikz

5 years ago#5
Where do you find the uchigatana?
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User Info: Perseus88

5 years ago#6
You're actually required to do that. In fact, you're going to need to upgrade it to +10 before you can ascend it to lightning.

User Info: Kryktal

5 years ago#7
And this is why I Love gamefaqs, Thanks for the help everybody!

User Info: kicksnare

5 years ago#8
That type of titanite do you use to make lightning?

User Info: Jacknicklson

5 years ago#9
Aesthetikz posted...
Where do you find the uchigatana?

Shiva sells them(join the forest covenant and talk to him right outside the covenant leader) Then find him by the water wheel in blight town

Or kill the undead merchant(male) I wouldnt advise killing him until you find the merchant in sen's fortress

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

5 years ago#10
Titanite Chunks and +4 to +5 requires the rare Titanite Slab. No colors, that's the names. You can find a Titanite Slab by going back to the Undead Asylum and facing the new boss there (Nestle in the crows nest in Firelink for a few seconds).
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