Titanite Demon in the catacombs

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User Info: Monkeyslap87

6 years ago#1
Im a pure melee character with no spells, how do i kill it? That hall way is to cramped to manuver around in, and i cant seem to lure him out of it either.

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

6 years ago#2
Stop being stubborn with pure melee and try Pyromancy. Doesn't scale with any stats, even Intelligence, and is instead upgraded directly at trainers. At the least, get it for Iron Flesh. It's beastly for heavy hitting melee characters.
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User Info: egpNoodlez

6 years ago#3
Circle strafe with shield up, attack him when he finishes attacking.

Watch out, tail also hits and is further ranged than Titanite Catch Pole. Can jump and do a 180 attack, breaks lock-on, you must manually reposition yourself to block.

Don't let him grab you ;)

User Info: Meister_kai

6 years ago#4
You can't go pure melee without being a complete boss.

You'll need Iron Flesh. Especially at Four Kings.
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User Info: mazereon

6 years ago#5
It's pretty simple pure melee. Circle it counter clockwise, bash at the leg/ass joint after it does something.

All you have to watch out for is jumps - get used to blocking and looking up when it jumps. Even if it hits you, as long as it's not OHKO you're fine to heal. It's not too cramped to circle it.
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User Info: Monkeyslap87

6 years ago#6
OK thank you for the suggestions, Iron flesh made it 1 million times easier. I guess this isint demon souls where everything can be killed with a giant sword while running around naked.
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