Rickards Rapier, Velka's Rapier?

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User Info: cgwhite85

6 years ago#1
I'm working on a new character and trying to decide if one of these would be a decent weapon to main. as it is my stats look like this:

vit 25
attune 14
end 25
resist base
str 12
dex 14
int base
faith base

Armor is a mixture of: crown of dusk, eastern chestplate, and elite knight legs and gloves.

Rings usually some mix of: darkwood grain, havel, bellowing dragoncrest, hornet ring, and resist rings as needed.

Shield is target shield.

Pyro flame at +12 (headed towards +5 ascended form) for using the occasional fireball/storm and Iron flesh/inner power on occasion.

As of right now I'm using weapons like balder side sword, rapier/estoc, and scimitars.

The real question is are either rickards or velkas rapier's worth it/any good? I have never seen anyone use one of these. The obvious choice for rickards is to go to +15 because you already have to invest 20 in dex, so I might as well take dex to 35 or 40 for the B scaling. Velkas would mean investing in int and picking up some kind of enchanted weapon as a secondary as well as being able to cast sorceries as a byproduct.

Other things to consider would be something like painting guardian sword which has an A in dex, is very fast BUT has horrid range.

In case it is not obvious I'm aiming for a riposte/finesse character with enough poise to not get interrupted when spell casting if he is sneezed at.

I could still go dex int or faith at this point, anyone have any preferences towards any?

I'm NOT looking for the standard advice of Lightning weapon, Gold hemmed robes, butterfly shield, tranquil walk of peace, fog ring, etc. I want to do something different. So mostly I'm wanting advice on what synergies with a duelist pyromancer style character, most specifically on which weapons work well as well as whether picking up magic or miracles works well, or if sticking to dex could make something like rickards or painted world sword decent enough to not miss out on some utility like magic or miracles?

User Info: cgwhite85

6 years ago#2
bump. fast board is fast.

User Info: cgwhite85

6 years ago#3
Final bump.

User Info: Kaiotheshin

6 years ago#4
The only thing I can tell you, if you look for some "finesse" style weapon, Ricard´s Rapier is your new friend. Very elegant moves, if I am right, a unique R2 attack, able to poke behind shield cover and a usefull backsteb -> R1 attack with good range.

With +15 it does 175 base damage, not the highest, but it can attack very fast. Get it (very easy) and try it before you decide to put some upgrades into it. You will notice the playstyle is not the easiest compared to some large 2h weapon, since you lack range.

User Info: LegoTechnic

6 years ago#5
Velka's Rapier has a faith (or was it magic?) stat requirement, which made it worthless for my build (it also has some faith/magic scaling). Rickard's has been nothing but fun though. I am particularly fond of the rapier's unique parry animation in the left-hand.
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User Info: Opayk

6 years ago#6
I wouldn't bother with Velka's because it scales with magic and the damage isn't mindblowing or anything. Unless you like the moveset of Ricard's Rapier over the others, I'd choose the regular Rapier. It's 185 at +15 and it has a higher critical damage factor.

User Info: nicasen

6 years ago#7
R2 Estoc x2 attack while 1 handed is just about the most stylish combo in the game. Ricard's is lame because you just poke enemies and there's no really diversity in it's attacks whereas with the estoc you can mix things up with slash attacks and twirl it around with the above combo.
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User Info: Kaiotheshin

6 years ago#8
Moves is one thing, but Ricard´s has a B rating for Dex. So if you go primary Dex, Ricard´s dmg will be higher.

User Info: EWGF

6 years ago#9
Velka's R2 > All other Rapier R2s.
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User Info: caelitus1

6 years ago#10
Ricard's moveset looks badass in my opinion if you're a fan of rapiers. I don't have the dex to wield one properly but the R2 combo looks like it hits a lot of times
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