Changing Character Appearance

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User Info: thecrippler2005

6 years ago#1

Can you change your character's gender/ facial/ physical appearance at any time? Maybeafter you beatthe game? I'm kinda sick of my character's look and I may even want to create a female character in NG+. Is this possible?

User Info: ItsTheKid

6 years ago#2

User Info: thecrippler2005

6 years ago#3

User Info: Banchou-kun

6 years ago#4

get a good helmet or dragon head if u wanna just look weird and toast low lv enemies for teh lulz

User Info: IamChaCha

6 years ago#5
Welcome to most RPGs.

Yeah I understand how "it's your character...makes each playthrough personal blah blah"

but at least let me change my hair style... can in some games like fallout 3, you can change your entire face through surgery, so that's kinda cool.
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User Info: ZeroUnderOne

6 years ago#6
Monster Hunter lets you change your hairstyle and color.
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User Info: StarvingPoet

6 years ago#7
Your character never speaks, is almost always fully enshrouded in armor, and half-the time everything is obscured when they're hollow. Why bother?

That said, you want to be a girl? Wear a dress! :)
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