How do I use the Black Eye Orb to get my Firekeeper back?

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User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

5 years ago#1
Some time ago, I invited some Phantom Players to help me kill the Gargoyles. On the way up to the belfry, I stopped to try and free Lautrec from his cell, but he wasn't there (it might have something to do with me being naughty, using my Master Key to get to Blight Town and get a few items, I dunno). We killed the Gargoyles, and I returned to Firelink Shrine, but the Firekeeper was already dead.

I got the Black Eye Orb, but it's always unusable. How do I get revenge for her?

User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#2
You won't be able to until you ring both bells, and reach Anor Londo. There's a room where your eye will start glowing, and if you use it at that point, you'll invade Lautrec's world and be able to recover her soul.
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User Info: Kratier

5 years ago#3
dont use the soul you get to reinforce your flask, or youre screwed like i was, and you can never revive the firekeeper

User Info: Jamillar16

5 years ago#4
So you can't use any firekeeper soul to get her back? I used the one from Lautrec to upgrade my flask without thinking...

User Info: SymphonicRain

5 years ago#5
Jamillar16 posted...
So you can't use any firekeeper soul to get her back? I used the one from Lautrec to upgrade my flask without thinking...

Then, as the poster above said, you are screwed until NG+.
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User Info: AoENIAC

5 years ago#6
When you are in the room right outside the Ornstein and Smough boss door, with the blue caped Royal Sentinel Giant Knights who cast Wrath of the Gods, you will automatically get a message popping up that says your black eye orb is resonating. It doesn't need to be equipped or anything. Use it then to invade Lautrec.

Only the fire keeper's soul from Lautrec works on reviving your fire keeper. If you notice, it has a unique item description that says it belongs specifically to the keeper at the firelink shrine and that you should probably go give it to her.

One might be curious why it does not stack with other fire keeper's souls and read the description, presuming they had any fire keeper's souls left in their inventory by the time they got to Anor Londo, which most people wouldn't. So it's kind of forgivable to have not realized it was unique, although you should have taken a hint from the circumstances.
I mean, you only get to fight Lautrec to get that fire keeper's soul if you pick up the black eye orb, which means you noticed she was dead, and you can read the black eye orb description and it says that it's looking at Anor Londo and that you can use it to invade the murderer's world and TAKE BACK THE SOUL OF THE FIRE KEEPER. Key words soul and fire keeper.

Not missing much. It's really nice to have a working fire at Firelink if you ask me, and it's nice to know you helped her out, but she seems depressed and miserable. The Astorans cut out her tongue and maimed her legs to make sure she would be trapped with her duty as a fire keeper. Apparently, Astora doesn't so much want to help the undead as they want to make sure they stay away. It's taboo or something. Not as bad as Thorolund, but bad. So when they find a girl who can be a fire keeper, they tell her she is tainted and impure and that she must be forever punished with service to the undead and thus they cripple her and she is exiled to Lordran. Harsh. So when you revive her, it also heals her tongue and legs and yet she claims that she was never meant to speak with her tainted tongue and begs you not to make her speak to you, presumably because she's been lead to believe that her very voice will taint others.

Thorolund actively lynches undead and casts them off to the asylums before they can revive. When a high ranking member of the clergy becomes undead, like Rhea, they quietly exile them under the false pretense of an "undead mission" that is destined to fail anyway. Thus, Petrus of Thorolund accompanying Rhea.
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User Info: Jamillar16

5 years ago#7
Thanks for the info and the history of the firekeeper :)

If I ever make it to NG+ I'll be sure to revive her.
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  3. How do I use the Black Eye Orb to get my Firekeeper back?

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