Ideal amount of Poise?

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User Info: Soronir

5 years ago#1

How much Poise is too much? I imagine that at some point there's a "sweet spot" for it. How much is just high enough to make the difference in most cases?

User Info: Vashtrigun0420

5 years ago#2
I'd say 90 to 100 is just about the most you'll need. I rarely get interrupted at 80, but 90 would probably push me over the end.
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User Info: gamewizard11

5 years ago#3
Sweet spot is to maximize your poise, without getting the fatty slow roll, slow run speed, and reduced stamina regen. The more poise the better.

User Info: Issilidur

5 years ago#4
It works like poison resist, etc., but the bar is invisible. that said, the best poise is ALL the poise, depending on if your enemy's using a weapon like the zwei.
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