Ring of Favor and protection VS havels and cloranthy

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User Info: gna647

5 years ago#1
which is better? Wearing one ring or both of those.

User Info: MrVilla61391

5 years ago#2
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User Info: Metal_SlugX

5 years ago#3
Ring of Favor and protection really limits your options since it breaks when you take it off.

Light armor + ninja ring + a stone plate is a great combo for some bosses. Like the fire stone plate for Demon Firesage or Magic Stoneplate for Gwendolyn.

I like keeping two slots for flexibility. YMMV.
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User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

5 years ago#4
Just remember that, from an equipment burden point of view, Havel's Ring has a 30% advantage over the other ring (50% versus 20%)... though the added HP and Stamnia could also make up for this.

It really depends on your equip burden versus the equipment you have. If you're not wearing super-heavy armour or have almost enough END to use it all, then you should be okay with the RoF&P. Otherwise, Havel's Ring will pretty much be necissary.

Just remember that, if you decide to equip the RoF&P, you will have to commit to it. Once removed, it's gone until the next playthrough.

User Info: luckylogan

5 years ago#5

Mask of the father is usually get enough to get me below 50% equip weight. Have two slots for rings then.

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

5 years ago#6
I put on the Ring of Favour at the beginning of the game and haven't taken it off, nor do I plan to ever take it off. The 20% equip burden is a cherry on top of 20% Health/Stamina.

You could always wear Havel's to maintain <50% Equip burden for moderate mobility, or if you can maintain <50% Equip burden with just Ring of Favour and your Armour/Weapon choices, just equip the Dark Grain Ring and you'll have the highest mobility + Ninja Flips.
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User Info: DespondentDeity

5 years ago#7
I've been using the Ring of Favor and Protection in addition to the Dark Wood Grain Ring, with the Grass Crest Shield +15 for stamina regen. Works like a charm as the extra mobility allows me to go two handed while still taking minimal damage.
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