Sens Fortress bonfire.

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User Info: twostep84

5 years ago#1

Where is the bonfire in sens fortress??

User Info: Noonan25

5 years ago#2
About 15 threads down from this one...

User Info: Absolute_cyn

5 years ago#3
when you get to the very top with the psycho throwing things at you go to the left and up the first two sets of stairs, the edge of a wall will be blown away letting you jump off, look down and you can walk off down to it, careful though.

not really good at explaining things so if someone else wants to pick up on this feel free
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User Info: Elly_May

5 years ago#4
Its at the top. You need to drop off a ledge.
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User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

5 years ago#5
At the top of the Fortress, after you get out of the inside with the pendulum axes, you go up a couple stairs and it will be on the right, after you drop off the wall.

User Info: twostep84

5 years ago#6


User Info: kristofer_paul

5 years ago#7
When you finally make it outside on the roof, go right, up two short flights of stairs and then drop off the roof on the left where the wall is broken. There will be a giant golem or whatever throwing huge firebomb things down at you that explode on the landing at the top of both stairways (including where you drop down from) so be careful. Dashing through is the best way but can be a little tricky your first time since you dont know exactly where to go.

I was so relieved when I first found it, and got killed by a bomb like right there at the ledge because I hesitated to look down for my landing. frustrating.

User Info: xtraflossy

5 years ago#8

Once you get to the outside area, there is a ledgeeventually, there will be at least one message (if not more on it so it will be impossible to miss) that says "Bonfire ahead"


And for that, I sugest you take the 10 seconds to RATE THEM ALL :)

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