bosses elemental weakness?

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User Info: foreverdone20

6 years ago#1
is there a list where all the bosses have weakness to elementals?
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User Info: Durgha001

6 years ago#2
There's a chart in the official guide with the defense / resistance stats for every enemy. It includes the bosses. I'm not seeing it on either wiki, though.

Were there specific bosses you wanted info on?
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User Info: Vesperas

6 years ago#3
I'll start.

Tartus Demon = Lightning (Pine Resin)
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User Info: zeppelin312

6 years ago#4

Smores and oreo are weak to fire.

My divine great scythe +7 with 40 faith tore up nito, like maybe a minute of wailing on him in 1st playthrough. I'm unsure if it was just him being weak to magic, or whether it is just scaling actually doing its job, or just  good weapon.

User Info: JimiMorrison187

6 years ago#5
All the bosses are basically weak to fire, or Lightning.

Gaping Dragon is weak to lightning.

Smough is actually weak to lightning more than fire.

Nito is weak to fire.

Pinwheel is weak to fire.

Iron Golem is weak to lightning.

I'm pretty sure Gwyn is weak to fire even though he uses a fire

User Info: irinawds

6 years ago#6
A lot of them make sense...

Fire is probably not that great against demons....

Lightning is probably no good against a guy that has a lightning throwing spear...

Divine is probably pretty good against a walking mass of dark undeath...

User Info: JimiMorrison187

6 years ago#7
Gargoyles I think are Lightning too.
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User Info: dupadupa1234

6 years ago#8
Least defence against:
Asylum Demon - lightning
Bell Gargoyle - fire
Capra Demon - lightning
Ceaseless Discharge - magic
Centipede Demon - magic
Demon Firesage - lightning
Dragon Slayer Ornstein - magic
Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Large) - magic
Executioner Smough - fire
Executioner Smough (Lightning) - fire
4 kings - litghting
Gaping dragon - lightning
Nito - fire
Gwyn - fire
Iron Golem - lightning
Moonlight Butterfly - fire
Pinwheel - weak to dying
Priscilla the Crossbreed - lightning and fire
Quelaag - lightning
Seath - litghtning and fire
Sif - fire
Taurus demon - lightning

Most defence against:
Asylum Demon - fire
Bell Gargoyle - lightning
Capra Demon - fire
Ceaseless Discharge - IMMUNE to fire
Centipede Demon - IMMUNE to fire
Demon Firesage - fire
Dragon Slayer Ornstein - very strong against light
Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Large) - very strong against light
Executioner Smough - magic
Executioner Smough (Lightning) - strong against light
4 kings - magic
Gaping dragon - magic
Nito - lightning
Gwyn - very strong against light
Iron Golem - magic
Moonlight Butterfly - magic
Pinwheel - no strengths
Priscilla the Crossbreed - magic
Quelaag - immune to fire
Seath - strong against magic
Sif - magic and light
Taurus demon - fire
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User Info: WhiteHawk1532

6 years ago#9

From: dupadupa1234 | #008
..Useful things...

There's a gem in his post.


User Info: seriousslt

6 years ago#10
dupadupa1234 posted...
Least defence against:
Pinwheel - weak to dying

Most defence against:
Pinwheel - no strengths

Nice one.
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