Uchigatana vs Iaito

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User Info: KirazXendran

5 years ago#1
I hear a lot of people talking about the iaito, is it better than uchi? The uchi looks better to me.

Also, if anybody has a +15 of either of these that they don't need or are willing to trade, talk to me.

User Info: Nasada19

5 years ago#2
Iaito is only better if you like the moveset more. Otherwise Uchi is the winner.
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User Info: KirazXendran

5 years ago#3
Is one faster? Because the faster one is most likely to win
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User Info: KirazXendran

5 years ago#5
Ah, alright. Im a str/dex/int hybrid with below average vit, so ill be CMWing these with Homing Crystal Trollmass backing me up

User Info: FullSynchro

5 years ago#6
they aren't the only options, though

the silver knight sword and the baldur side sword are also pretty good, and the former can be fully upgraded without having to use a slab
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User Info: KirazXendran

5 years ago#7
I want a balder side sword but i haven't been able to get one yet. I'd like a +15 balder side sword and a +15 uchigatana.

I considered painting guardian sword but its too damn short

User Info: Cathode_Again

5 years ago#8
Uchi has a very long-reaching R2 when you 1hand it. It's 2handed R2 relies abit more on luck to get a hit in.

It's been a while since I've used the Iaito but both of it's R2's thrust you pretty far foward - could be useful when the other guy is trying to use/cast something. It's slow but I can't remember exactly how slow it is.

User Info: guardian_owl

5 years ago#9
Iaito R2 1-handed is a short hop forward while simultaneously drawing the sword from the sheathe for a quick left-to-right horizontal slash and has a shorter range than the Uchi R2 thrust attack. Iaito R2 2-handed is a pause, followed by a few step dash and the same horizontal slash.

I decided to go with the Iaito because I like its R2 attack better and you can still get access to a thrust attack by using R1 either while sprinting or following a backward roll.
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User Info: final_chance

5 years ago#10
The uchi has a slight lead in power (and I do mean slight...its negligible) over the Iaito. The range is also slightly less than an Iaito...but again it is pretty negligible. As said earlier, the Uchi is better for an elemental weapon build because it has lower requirements. If you are doing a dex build though, I think the Iaito is better thanks to the more varied moveset. It has horizontal slashes, vertical slashes, and a stab. The Uchi has vertical slashes and stabs.

It really comes down to moveset preference. All other differences are negligible, except the aforementioned elemental weapon build.

The Balder Side Sword is better than both though IMO. Check that sword out if you are doing a dex build.
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