Forest covenant Summon Glitch?

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User Info: Sandrian

5 years ago#1
Ok, I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. My character is a member of the forest covenant, so I was running around with the ring on for some fun. As I went towards New Londo, I got the message saying I was being summoned.

When I loaded in, I noticed I wasn't the usual color of phantom, but instead looked like a white phantom. At first, I figured it was just some wierd graphics glitch, but then as I went forward, the Forest Covenant NPCs aggroed on me.

Neither me, nor the host could harm each other, but both of us could hurt the other forest covenant phantom. It acted in every way like I had been summoned as a white phantom (with the exception that I spawned out in the woods at a random location like a Forest Invader does.)

I know I wasn't summoned by a white sign, I have NEVER used that thing... Plus, as I said, I was in New Londo, NOT the forest.

So, anyone have this happen to them?
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User Info: DespondentDeity

5 years ago#2
I've laid down a white sign for my bro and when he summoned me I spawned as a red and we fought to the death, civil war style.

User Info: sexxybeast1973

5 years ago#3
I've put down my white summon sign then invaded as a blue spirit.
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