Dual Wielding Weapons Advantages?!

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User Info: GunEye

5 years ago#1

Hello guys, I am looking for some tips about duel wielding weapons.

To be frank, I have played this game 145 hours, invaded and got invaded countless times, and summoned horde of phantoms, and yet only once I have encounter a player who wielded two weapons.

What are the advantages of dual wielding then? what are the benefits that make you consider not equiping a shield?

My dilema is, for instance: 

Say I equip my +5 Greatsword in Right hand, and whenever I attack, I spend 0.25 stamina.

Now, supposdly I have another weapon equipped at left hand, that by theory (at best case scenario) is also +5, and does exactly the same damage per hit.. unless it spends less than 0.25 stamina per attack, then I don't see why not just hit only with Right hand weapon - twice, instead of once in right then in left.

Basically what I am trying to say is, theoretically, dual wielding will only be effective if second weapon becomes faster&strikes at less stamina, making it stronger then a single weapon that strike same amount of time. Thus giving two weapons an advantage over two handed grip or shields.

Any thoughts?

User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

5 years ago#2
The only reasons why I'd think a person would dual-wield weapons is...

1) They played a lot of Demon's Souls and think they can stunlock with dual-wielded weapons (just a hint - that doesn't work anymore).

2) Two differing weapons for two different situations (or maybe even up to 4 weapons, 2 in reserve).

3) Aesthetics (for looks).

4) The weapon in their other hand is the Parrying Dagger (which is designed to be used instead of a shield and has a larger parrying window than most shields).

From a functional standpoint, there is very little reason to dual-wield weapons. Striking back and forth between the two weapons no longer stunlocks like it does in Demon's Souls, you don't get any damage or stamina bonuses and you're pretty much losing defence for very little of, well... anything.

User Info: Burst_Stream

5 years ago#3
Two-handing is a better option really
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User Info: szathmab

5 years ago#4
The proper bow with two katanas just looks awesome. That alone makes dual wielding have a advantage.

User Info: jsmokehaus

5 years ago#5
I ran into a player using both moonlight weapons -spear in his left hand, sword in his right. I couldnt get near him because of the spear and when I tried to roll in he smashed me with the sword. I backed away - he started casting spells or the 2HR2. I ran in again got demolished. Seemed pretty effective to me.

User Info: Yggdrasil66

5 years ago#6
One of the few useful weapons in the left hand is a spear, especially with long reach. I do it too sometimes.

User Info: GunEye

5 years ago#7

In demon souls, I quiped mailbreaker in left hand, and a stronger weapon in right, in my case it was:

left hand: mailbreaker, right: winged spear.

It was rather effective against enemies, since you could poke them rapidly with the dagger, breaking their stance and leaving the open for stronger thrust with the spear.

But here in Dark Souls, with somewhat tougher enemies, I don't feel its as effective as it was.

They should have made left and right fighting much quicker than normal, and cost less stamina (maybe in both hands even), to get some advantage over shields/two-h grip.

User Info: GunEye

5 years ago#8

Any other enlightments surrounding dual wielding?


User Info: mustb18toride

5 years ago#9
The key to dual-wielding is not going for maximum attack power possible, but rather having one weapon compensate for the other's flaw. An example would be if you have a spear in one hand, the other weapon should have a wide swing arc (Balder Side Sword for example) or if you have a heavy weapon in right hand, use a quick sword on the left that can parry (Queelag Furysword for example).

Effective dual-wielding means that you have a wider variety of attacks, not more power. By dual-wielding you can effictively increase your damage output by being able to attack in situations you were previously not able to due to shields/2-handing.

User Info: GunEye

5 years ago#10

I guess you are right. 

I believe that if you are using a fast weapon, the second should have more punch to it, and if you are using slow weapon the second should be quick and more reach, etc..

Also, it can be beneficial I guess, if you fight an opponant that is weak againt a certain element, but you still want the moveset of your more powerful weapon, so combine the two.

Equiping parrying in alternative hand is nice, as long as you consider not being able to block regulary though..

Btw, can all attacks be parried?

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