how to get to Tomb of Giants?

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User Info: Gianhardy141

5 years ago#1

I beat the Pinwheel, I beat the titanate demon gaurding the coffin, I beat Smough and Ornstein to get the Lord Vessel, I have the skull

Every time I go to the coffin and lay down waiting for me to get teleported or w.e to Tomb Of Giants I just lay there for 5 minutes... is there something else needed to do? 

User Info: FullSynchro

5 years ago#2
you need an eye of death in your inventory if you want to see nito

to actually get to the tomb of giants, you need to find a ladder in pinwheel's area and climb that
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User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

5 years ago#3
To talk to Nito in order to join the Gravelord Covenant, have some Eyes of Death on you (which can be found behind the Titanite Demon) and get in the coffin.

If you want to actually enter the Tomb of Giants in order to clear and fight Nito, kill Pinwheel and find the ladder out of his place. The Tomb of Giants is right in front of you in all it's pitch-black glory.

By the way... I kinna reccomend you get the Sunlight Maggot or Cast Light spell than use the Skull Lantern... unless you're good at quick-switching between your shield...
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