Best armor for viking build?

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User Info: Altairion

5 years ago#1
I made a viking build, and it uses a +5 Vamos's Hammer (yes I know not the most spectacular weapon but it's fun) and I use his helm, but I was wondering what you guys thought the best armor to fit such a build would be? My first look was at the favor set from Lautrec, but I'm open to other suggestions?

Sadly, you can't enchant Vamos's hammer... Though I guess that makes sense, since it already does fire damage. Does anyone know if you can enchant Andre of the Giant Blacksmith's Hammer? I wanted to maybe Sunlight Blade one of them for a kind of Thor look.

User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#2
Hollow Soldier set would be my choice, and of course you need Vamos' helmet dat horns
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User Info: slayer921

5 years ago#3
royal helm, and hollow thief armor and leggings
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User Info: shadowsofdawn

5 years ago#4
Brigands armor.
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User Info: Kuro-sama

5 years ago#5

I do the build you said when I'm screwing around in PvE: Vamos Hammer +5, Royal Helm, full Set of Favor. I also take Great Lightning Bold so I can fully Thor it up. 

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