int build question and white dragon breath..

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User Info: Chriss_Q80

5 years ago#1
1- i'm making my first int build EVER , i just got 46int and used css for the first time.....i LOVE IT ! , anyway i want to know if WDB is any good for coop , i know its bad for pvp , but dmg wise is it worth it ?

2- is 7 spell slots for an int build 2much?

3-if i want to do the highest spell dmg i should use TCC + crown of dark sun+ bellowing dragoncrest ... right? there is nothing else i can stack for more dmg?
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User Info: shin89510

5 years ago#2
1. dragon breath is good damage and uses

2. i personally think 7 slots is ok

3. you've got it all

User Info: Tetsumari

5 years ago#3
crown of the dark sun is not the best, dusk crown is, but it also lowers your magic resistance.

edit: not good for PvP? I see my buddy score alot of hits with it down hallways, and even in open areas
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User Info: KaiserWarrior

5 years ago#4
1: White Dragon Breath is generally considered to be sub-par, especially given its requirements. By the time you can get it, you already have better spells available that are far easier to use.

2: Honestly, you don't need more than 5. As many slots as you need for the variety you want of course, but 5 is plenty to get you from bonfire to bonfire and kill bosses. With a 5-slot layout I generally take 1 soul arrow, 2 great soul arrow, 1 soul spear, and 1 homing soul mass (latest versions available of the latter two, of course). With an int-focused build this is more than enough to deal with anything, using Soul Arrow for general trash, Great Soul arrow for bigger trash or as main weapon when Soul Arrow is out, and Spear/Mass for bosses

3: Those are all the damage-increasing items. If you're good at avoiding attacks you might also use your second ring slot for the Dusk Crown ring to give you more casts (especially helpful as the Crystallization Catalyst cuts your number of casts in half), at the cost of halving your HP.

User Info: OE_Exorcet

5 years ago#5
White Dragon Breath is excellent for PvE because it has such great power and number of uses. You can use it on enemies and save CSS and HCSM for bosses or invaders. Also, WDB is probably easier to use to hit multiple enemies at once than SS or CSS.

More spell slots are better for a PvE or Coop Int build. For PvP, I would not go for more than 6.

Max spell damage would be : Dusk Crown head + TCC + Bellowing Dragon + Red Tearstone Ring (with 20% health) [A CSS will do around 1500 damage to a player or normal enemies using this set up with 50 Int]. Power with in may also increase your spell damage, but I've never used it.
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User Info: Sphire

5 years ago#6
1. When fighting Gwyn co-op, I remember WDB doing about 180 more damage than SS (at 50 Int). I'm not sure how that compares to CSS, but you get 20 casts with WDB. And it should be good for co-op against enemies that don't jump around a lot (so Gwyn isn't the best candidate). As for PvP, well, WDB is about as useful as any other spell really, but again with 20 casts.

2. 7 spell slots is probably max for pure Sorcery usage. Or stay at 6 if you just tend to co-op a lot. I found the 7th slot a nice addition for secondary spells like Cast light and Fall Control, but if you're doing co-op then you might be fine with less slots. And you need something like 5-6 SL levels just to go from 6 slots to 7 slots, which you could have otherwise pumped into something else.

3. That is correct, but there are pros and cons to those things. I do believe the difference is significant enough to warrant at least the ring and crown.
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