What Gestures Mean

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User Info: coinop25

5 years ago#1
A thread on suggestions for new gestures (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/606312-dark-souls/61987001) got me thinking about how handy it would be if players could agree on the meanings of some of the gestures we already have. To that end, I thought I'd suggest some here. Please do chime in with sincere and snarky input alike.

Bow/Formal Bow (PVP, by invader): I will fight you now, and try not to be a dick about it.

Point Down (co-op, by either): Stay put for a sec while I summon another phantom/swap rings/change my pants.

Look Skyward (co-op, by host): Look out, there's an invader here already.

Well? What Is It? (PVP): I just beat you in a two-on-one fight and now I'm going to gloat about it like a jackass.

User Info: Mc-arthur

5 years ago#2
when i go "Well what is it" i'm trying to communicate "S'up Bro!!!"

"Welcome Bro" when i summon
"Come at me bro" in pvp

And don't forget "Praise the sun"
PSN = Mc-Arthur

User Info: nmbuser

5 years ago#3
look skyward is clearly a facepalm and should only be used as such
Gamertag: NUM83R54R3C00L (those are zero's)

User Info: kingknotts

5 years ago#4
I do prayer ... Lord please help thy humble servant put gankers into the eternal fire of thy firestorms for the lols .... that is the burning faith prayer.... I even have a +15 notched whip and the pyros for beating the gank out of them
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