Unique/fun builds

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User Info: K_MAC445

5 years ago#1

I know this isn't totally unique but a lifehunt scythe build.
40 vit
40 end
enough str to one hand lifehunt
40 dex
base everything else

bloodbite ring+flip ring
best armor you can find that doesn't go over 50%

or as an alternative you could keep str and dex just enough to 2 hand it and just focus on the bleed damage (assuming pvp) pump the saved stats into vit or add some miracles/sorc into the build.

User Info: westergoon

5 years ago#2
I always thought it would be fun to try something like this:


A fist only build! The R2 move for the Dragon Bone FIst is just awesome...
PSN - westergoon, because I'm tall... and goonish...

User Info: BombayNugz

5 years ago#3
bleed can be a ***** to get to pop.
PSN: BOMBAYNUGZ420 ----- SotC is Epic.

User Info: K_MAC445

5 years ago#4
wolverine build looks cool, i just wouldn't know where to start making one, except dual claws of course.

User Info: Garelia

5 years ago#5

I'm currently making a samurai build.

Eastern Armor (currently +4)
End and Dex to atleast 40. (Currently around 27)
Str to 20.
Vit to whatever (19 atm)

Weapons currently:
Fire Washing Pole +5
Longbow +5

Mail Breaker (for parrying)
Pyro glove (for Power Within)

Planning to get weapons:
Chaos Washing Pole +5
Iaito or Washing Pole to +15 (Higher dex scaling will win, I can't remember which one will become S at +15)
Longbow +15

Two swords, because it's cool to switch between a fire and a regular weapon. And may catch the opponent off guard.

NO SHIELDS because Samurai do not use shields.

User Info: Geoffmeister

5 years ago#6
really fun build:

Right hand: Lightning rapier +5
Offhand: Demons Spear +5

Left Hand: Lightning bow of pharis +5
Off-hand: grass crest shield/hollow shield/crest shield/dragon crest shield

Armor: whatever you choose, mask of son is nice for stam-regen

FAP/Hornet/Red Tearstone

STR: 12
DEX: 18

VIT & END to your liking

Just made this one in under 2 hours, have yet to try it with red tearstone (change ur armor accordingly due to low HP), the damage with bows is sufficient but remember to keep a long distance using DWGR (and watch that stamina!) Rapier for estus chugger/jumpers

User Info: Jumilaattori

5 years ago#7
You dont need the bleed ring. Bloodshield is enough or if you want more bleed res. Equip gargoyle tail axe to your LH.
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