best weapon for pure dexterity build?

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User Info: ptar_player

5 years ago#1
I've gotten to the end of my first playthrough doing pure melee using an uchigatana +15.

Its worked great and ive wrecked nearly every boss with ease (ornstein.... i loathe you)

But I'm sure there has to be a better weapon out there then this. Considering it was the second weapon i got in the game (by accident none the less lol)

Any ideas?
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User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#2
Iaito > uchi IMO, but I hate katanas so whatevs. Balder Side Sword or the Falchion are both kick freaking ass.
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User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#3
Just sayin though, pure builds are terrible once you get up to around 120. I recommend putting either some INT if you want to use homing crystal mass or some faith for DMB/SB. They're all really good, depends on your playstyle though.
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User Info: Iwantedzero

5 years ago#4
For PvP or PvE? And are you defining "best" simply by what does the most damage?
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User Info: ptar_player

5 years ago#5
well i have only experimented with a few different weapon types. I decided to stick with the uchigatana because of the reach and speed combination.

I used a falchion for a little while when my uchi broke and thought it worked well but wasnt that strong.

I've been thinking about going through the trouble and getting the quelaag fury sword but the stats seemed lackluster. Unless you can level up the boss weapons?

I'm sl 80 and have actually been thinking about doing some magic, probably faith and maybe try and get to 40 dex/40 faith
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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#6
Queelag's Fury sword will scale off of Dex and Humanity, which is rare for a flame/chaos weapon which isn't common for those weapons since they usually lack stat scaling.

Other weapons with good dex stat scaling that might be fun, spears, rapiers, daggers and even the whip. Some weapons also have special quirks, like shotel you can find in Sen's Fortress can hit around shields(it's the sword Lautrec uses).

If you have more than 14 Faith and a bit of Strength, the Straight Sword of Astora scales off of all three stats, is divine and does magic damage, but it otherwise like a long sword with a nice thrust attack.

It all depends on play-style. I really like the scimitar because it's faster than most enemy attacks and can be used to interrupt unarmored minions when they try to attack, which does improved counter-attack damage.
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User Info: Drago77

5 years ago#7
If you want something with range, try Great Scythe (you can find it in the Catacombs). Also Balder Side Sword is really good once you get your Dexterity up pretty high.

User Info: PHoToS999

5 years ago#8
Best dex weaps, iirc, are painting guard sword, ricard's rapier, and gscythe.
The wiki could tell you tho.
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User Info: Parsl5k

5 years ago#9
I have the most playtime (and fun) on my high vitality dex build, packing a Chaos Blade. No buffs, no pyromancy. Before anyone says this katana sucks, it has:

-Noticeably higher damage than other katanas
-Stacks more bleed per hit than other katanas
-Is longer than uchi and iaito
-Drains less HP than the Hiltless did in Demon's Souls at 50ish vitality

So far, I haven't had a fight in which I had to switch to a backup because my health was too low. Might be because katanas don't encourage as much of an uber aggressive and spammy playstyle in this game.

User Info: akechi419

5 years ago#10
chaos blade is very effective especially one handed R2 gives almost a full 360 radius of damage for anyone trying to backstab
it has a small charge so becareful.
Idk why but it gives a heavy weapon feel to it because blows away shields quicker than the other katanas and
R2 2handed smashes people to the ground like a great axe.
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