The next D Souls game

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User Info: DarkFailure

5 years ago#1
It's no secret that From Software will release another game of the "D Souls" franchise.
But what do you actually want the next game to be like?

What do you want them to change? What do you want them to keep?
Do you want there to be specific new features or would you rather want them not to make any sequels :)

I created a box art for a possible sequel on which I listed some of the things that I would want to be added/improved in the next game.
You can take a look at it here:

I think they should improve the online mode. It is unique and it is fun, but I have a lot of trouble playing with some of my friends. I can find random people online, but if someone wants to co-op with me, I end up looking for their summon sign for more than 20 minutes sometimes.

I also think they should focus a tiny bit more on story. Of course, there is some story in both games, but it is not as well presented as it should be.

A nice new feature would be the ability to summon creatures to fight along your side. This ability should be dependent on your current soul level, your tendency (or covenant) and the class you are playing with.
This is of course not meant to make the game a whole lot easier, it would simply be a nice addition, in my opinion.

Also, the game world should be some what bigger and offer more variety. Even after the third NG+ there should be still new stuff to discover.

That's my personal wishlist.

What about yours?

User Info: PerfectChaos93

5 years ago#2
I think the story is fine as it is, learning about the lore of the game while reading through item descriptions is a whole lot better than having "YOU R DA CHOSEN JUAN" said to you every time you meet someone.

And summoning would ruin the whole lonely aspect that these games do so well. You see the occasion phantom/bloodstain but for the most part it's you against the world, just like it should be.
Just sayin.

The sequel should be all on one server like DeS was, it made it so much easier to invade/co-op.

User Info: jstephenszz

5 years ago#3
Most of the big game studios are trying to bring MMO-like features into their games even if they're not MMO. So with Dark Souls we got covenants/factions, PvP, and so on.

One way to increase the money-making side could be what Diablo 3 is going to do and introduce an auction house or something. So Dark Souls could vastly increase the types and kinds of weapons/armor/rings etc. and make a CRAP TON of them super-rare and possibly powerful. Then players can trade all of those super-rares on the auction house. So you post your item on the auction house and go to work. And other players can check your stuff out and possibly buy it and you don't even have to do anything.

But to do this, Dark Souls would need to get serious and prevent DUPING. Diablo 3 has figured out how to prevent duping. So I think Dark Souls could.

User Info: reno385

5 years ago#4
I was pretty impressed with Dark Souls, so I'd say they should keep going the way they're going. With the main exception being that I felt like there were a lot of things that were ridiculously obscure that you could probably only discover using a walkthrough, which was present to some extent in Demon's Souls as well but I think they went a little overboard this time.

User Info: shin89510

5 years ago#5
yes, demon's souls style online servers, do something with poise or do away with it, only backstab can happen if the victim is standing still (prevents lag/poise stabbing). make an arena style 1v1 area with different settings available. also, make spells useful and have a cool down period for things like god's wrath and twop.

User Info: aak57

5 years ago#6
To the auction house idea: NO. NO. Just no.

Microtransactions and the like can stay the **** out of my Souls franchise.

Oh wait, just checked your profile, never mind. Silly me.
I said, with a posed look.

User Info: Oohehe

5 years ago#7
Your opinions are terrible.

The way the story is presented is great as is.

Monster summoning sounds so wack.

The last one is a good idea.

User Info: Ahriman

5 years ago#8
The third one should be called Dick Souls. It will be a collaboration with the Cho-Aniki team, and feature the ability to engage in rainbow relations with other players. Oh yes.
Chikubi ga itai. Hontou ni- Mattaku kayuku itai. Bakuzen to aamondo to niru...

User Info: bluefunky

5 years ago#9

I bought the next Souls Game last Friday.  Dead Souls.

You play as an oriental chap who has a fat chick chasing him round.  Its quite scary!

User Info: jstephenszz

5 years ago#10
aak57 posted...
Oh wait, just checked your profile, never mind. Silly me.

Glitching and DUPING are a big problem with Dark Souls. If you don't understand that, I don't really need to say much more. And implying a correlation of board tenure and knowledge just shows you're intent on being a d*ck. How about just posting your opinions like everyone else instead of personal attacks? Thanks.
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