How best to upgrade my longbow?

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User Info: CraigB27

5 years ago#1
I am doing a playthrough with a level 3 Wanderer. I wont be levelling up at all. I plan on making a lightning falchion +5 as soon as possible but i am unsure how best to upgrade my long bow. Would lightning longbow +5 be the best choice?

User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#2
I'd personally do a Fire+10 Longbow, using Fire Arrows.

I don't really see there being much of a difference between Fire and Lightning Longbows in terms of damage though honestly.
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User Info: Jiggityjax

5 years ago#3
will do most damage, but with a lightning falchion, u might want a different element on bow, for light resistant enemies
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User Info: DekkeTheKong

5 years ago#4
Chaos with Fire Arrows for the most damage.
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  3. How best to upgrade my longbow?

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