Soul level range for PvP?

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User Info: Cmac4

5 years ago#1
I've been PvPing at SL125 in the Kiln for a little while now(Still pretty new but getting better, I'm having a blast so far) but I would like an extra spell slot which would take another 3SLs. If I take myself a little higher then 125 I'll still be able to find people right? What's the level range for PvP

User Info: Debatra

5 years ago#2
PVP is generally agreed upon as being in the range of 120. Soul Range is, last I checked, +/- (10 + 10% of your SL); 98-142 for SL120s.
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User Info: lucky_sharm19

5 years ago#3
At SL 130 you'd probably get the same amount of PVP, though it's discouraged for the sake of equality. Do whatever you like.
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User Info: Klobzi

5 years ago#4
Those 3 levels in attunement won't make a huge difference, so go for it.
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