I wonder how from software...

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User Info: asertyuio

6 years ago#1
Would handle the voice chat on the xbox, since this game would not have voice chat couldn't the xbox users use that cross game chat thing they have? Could developers block that from being used in-game?

User Info: Abe_Froeman

6 years ago#2
Group party chat can be blocked by the developers. Certain online game modes of Black Ops block group chats, like Hardcore S&D for example.
Gaming discussion not for the fanboys.

User Info: asertyuio

6 years ago#3
Cool, that answers that then, thanks :D

User Info: KilZallTheBeast

6 years ago#4

thats cool, but i dont think 360 people will be to happy about that

User Info: squall987

6 years ago#5
I'm not interested in voice chat for this game, but why would you want to prevent party chat amongst friends?

User Info: Snakegear

6 years ago#6
This, why would that bother you in the slightest O_O
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