Dark Souls on PC. Yay or Nay?

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User Info: maddoggnick96

6 years ago#1
Since the American version is going to be available on Xbox 360, it made me wonder, could this be possible for PC down the line? In terms of it being on the 360, it doesn't phase me. I'm glad more people will be able to enjoy this game. The only thing I don't like is, I don't know if Namco Bandai will do an equally good collector's edition as Atlus did. Anyways, I could see this being released on PC and would like to try it. Any thoughts?
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User Info: doutrinador666

6 years ago#2

Most developers don't even look to PC nowadays.

Actually, I'd prefer it as an exclusive. I'm kind of afraid of a bad port or restritions on features for limitations of one or another console. So, to me, if it comes to only one system, it's better. The development gets more focused. Today, most of the best games of the generation are exclusives. IMO.

But, if it's coming multi, let it come. I just think that PC is so forgotten that with this title it won't be different.

User Info: Keyblade660

6 years ago#3
I prefer it to be exclusive. This means no half-assed port or any restrictions on the PS3 version. Demon's Souls was a game made exclusively for PS3 and you could feel that whilst you played, Demon's Souls really is a PS3's game.

Other than that, naahh.

Dark souls on PC - NAY.
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User Info: Lady_Siara

6 years ago#4
Sigh at the two posts above. I have a ps3 but I'm getting it for the 360 unless there are some significant differences, but the whole 'do it on one console' argument is really trite. Putting it out on both consoles would, assuming it sells well on both consoles, increase profits, which could then be used to either release dlc or new projects down the road. To be honest, I doubt it coming to the 360 is going to change the PS3 product at all. If anything, they'd finish it on the PS3 and tweak it for the 360.

Back to the OP, I think it'd be quite interesting on pc, just to see what modders put out.
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User Info: Rancoeur3

6 years ago#5
If the game was also released on PC I wouldn't even consider the consoles except if they screwed the port.

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

6 years ago#6
Hey giving people the option to play this game with maxed settings? Why not?

User Info: VampireRonin

6 years ago#7
A good PC port could be amazing due to the possibility of mods, and I could still play it with my good old PS3 controller.

Probably wont happen though.
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User Info: Mud_Chan

6 years ago#8
I agree, PC would blow the others away. You can modify the UI (among other things). You can run either a PS3 or an Xbox360 controller as well. And of course any other controller or keyboard/mouse. I'd even think the PC would have the highest graphics possibility.

Then again, that splits the online population into another server, and that doesn't sound so good.
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User Info: limhol123

6 years ago#9

Yayy, especially with steam support and mod support. I would go PC for sure if mine could handle it. Imagine the mods, it would be rediculously awesome. And is it possible to put your ps3 controller to PC, i thought only 360 conts could do that.

User Info: Mud_Chan

6 years ago#10
Yeah, look up "MotionJoy". They have PS3 drivers. It supports all the buttons, the analog sticks, the rumble pack, the sixaxis movement, and even wireless (via additional bluetooth devices). The full deal. It's pretty great.
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