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User Info: Schwepps01

6 years ago#1
Water-based levels? I think they could add a bit of variety to the normal walking aspect of Demon's Souls.

User Info: Randal3

6 years ago#2
Yes, but only if they had the player breathing underwater and running around like they normally would like in the classic Final Fantasy games.

User Info: volX

6 years ago#3
on the one hand it sounds incredibly stupid, like underwater fights in monster hunter. i hated those.

but un the other hand i used to play champions of norrath and return to arms with my best friend on ps2 and there they managed to make underwater levels fun.

i guess as long as they wont make you swim its okay. fighting and swimming just doesnt fit, at least not for humans...maybe if youre a shark or smth...blaa

User Info: Rennar

6 years ago#4

Maybe aquatic secret passages that might get you a cool weapon or armor; maybe one in a moat around one of teh castles...you'd have to have some sort of fish transformation spell, wich would be interesting. I think it would focus more on avoiding enemies rather than combat if you were a fish, though.

User Info: case_eagle_rb32

6 years ago#5

I certainly hope they don't do that. Personally I have never played an underwater level i liked in any game

User Info: brunoafh

6 years ago#6
Under water level (unless it's Mega Man) is directly synonymous with bad game design.
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User Info: Zio_Dyne

6 years ago#7
MH-style? Demon's Souls does try to be more realistic though...
I can just imagine the cruelty; *equips DBS*...*sinks instantly, suffocates slowly*

User Info: TheOriginalMax

6 years ago#8
^Lol. Unless you leave it there? Poor, poor DBS though ._.
To be fair, no one has unlimited patience, and at times this board could come close flustering the Buddha.-geekneck99
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User Info: EmpyreanLC

6 years ago#9
it's going to be more like RESIDENT EVIL 2

I walk into a flooded basement, flooded hallway and... I think I see something
w...what's that, a fin?
Is there a god damn shark in this buildin- TOO LATE, GOT EATEN

Make you goddamn terrified to even wade into ankle deep water. That's what Dark Souls should do with water, have you get eaten by sharks and drowned by octopus.
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User Info: Schwepps01

6 years ago#10
There were sharks in RE2? I don't remember that. I think there were some in RE4 though. that's what I mean when I say water-based: knee-deep water sections, and the occasional underwater area where you are completely submerged. Aqua crystal lizards anybody? I don't think I'd want to have to swim though, that would be a boring and useless game mechanic.
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