Save locations on dark souls

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User Info: sadiq2010

6 years ago#1
Is there going to be save locations on dark souls, or is it going to be like demon souls that you have to start from the biggening when ever you die, because of that i sold the game and never finished and it is really frustrating ?

User Info: Shamus425

6 years ago#2

You really sold it?

Don't bother playing this game if that's the reason why.

User Info: McJeph

6 years ago#3
...I advise you to go look into another video game.

Maybe a Spongebob Squarepants game.

User Info: icelt

6 years ago#4
TC - in all seriousness, the designers are intending to make DrkS more difficult than DS. So if you truly sold DS out of frustration with the design and difficultly it is highly unlikely that you will even remotely enjoy DrkS.
PSN: icelt
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User Info: VampireRonin

6 years ago#5
Dude you should have stuck with it.
I wanted to sell Demon's Souls too at first because it frustrated the hell out of me, but I stuck with it and it turned out to be one of my top 5 games of all time.
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User Info: sadiq2010

6 years ago#6
Alright but what about the save locations, the problem is when ever you die you start from the begining every time you die, if this goin to happen to dark souls, then it will be frustrated i like dark souls very much BUT BECAUSE OF THERE IS NO SAVE LOCATIONS THAT IS THE PROBLEM, I DO NOT WANT DARK SOULS TO BE LIKE DEMON SOULS WITH NO SAVE LOCATIONS THAT IS MY POINT.

User Info: ShinobiHayabusa

6 years ago#7
thats why u gotsa be careful what u do in demon souls, when i first played the game, i went thru the tutorial, and was like "F*** YEAH, im killin all these guys so easy!" then when i went to the first stone/level, it got hard pretty fast, i tried for over a week to beat the first level, but if u pay close attention to ur enemies, and let them attack first while u hold block, u can learn their moves, know when to parry, when to counter attack, when to use magic, etc. also, if u didnt know already, u can sneak behind ppl an if u walk slowly u can backstab them
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User Info: MightyBaconX

6 years ago#8
TC, you can technically save anywhere in a level, just exit the game and the game will save mid level. What you are complaining about is convenient respawn point like every other game out there. No, there will not be respawn point where you die, you will have to start at the beginning of the section in Dark Souls. If the thought of that turns you off then you should just save your money.

User Info: Raeng

6 years ago#9
There was a design reason for taking you back to the beginning of the level. It teaches you to get better, the hard way. You can't just retry things untill they work, because you'll keep dying. You have to stop and think before you act. Not blindly rush in as I am sure you are doing.
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User Info: HNETNaruto

6 years ago#10
The spawning at the beginning when you die actually is something that will help you while farming. It's part of the design of the game. If this is a real turn off to you, you should not consider this game. That's not for you.

Also, once you know the level, they're pretty short. They feel gigantic at first, but that's just an impression. It's not like Demon's Souls really need checkpoints with the levels of that size. The checkpoints are the archstones anyway.
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