DEPRIVED (for your first class)

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User Info: sarcasticavenge

5 years ago#1
The game will always be hardest on your first time around so why not make it count. After much consideration I have decided to start with the Deprived class. I find it would be a good challenge and I wont need to worry about finding a weapon for my str build or running into fire resistent monsters with a pyro, I will make a build with whatever I can find, I just hope my skills keep me alive intill i can find or buy some armor. What do you guys think?

User Info: Dark_Oni12398

5 years ago#2
final destination, 3 stock, no items, fox only!
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User Info: FullMetal129

5 years ago#3
I think thats a great idea! I think starting off as a deprived would garner you some sympathy at least. If I ever invaded or was invaded by a deprived I dont know if I would have the heart to kill someone wearing just a loincloth in a world like dark souls.

User Info: Shankis

5 years ago#4
I don't want to start on Deprived because they start on a higher level and I don't know if their stat allocation will be what I want.
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User Info: Bunnywunny

5 years ago#5
deprived is just bad.
they start at a higher level with a awful stat distribution

and gear is plentiful so that is not an issue

I mean i could see if if every class started at like 8-9 with preset stats and deprived was lv1 with evened out stats. It would mean your starting weaker so you can have a blank slate character
but it's exactly the opposite...

plus side though almost all the other classes start out very nicely =)

if you really want to start out with a hard time thief is probably way to go, unless they made sneaking up on monsters work better and gave daggers a better moveset than just mini-scimitar
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User Info: EWGF

5 years ago#6
#1 Theorycraft class. What I'm picking personally.
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User Info: sarcasticavenge

5 years ago#7
I find the stats well balanced, everything is at 11 so you can build your character they way you want to on the fly. If I find a good dex weapon I can make a dex build, if I find an awsome spell I can learn it on the spot no mater what spell type it is.

User Info: The_Shader

5 years ago#8
So if Deprived cant equip anything besides 1 crappy shield and 1 crappy sword.... it will be specifically meant for expert players wanting to beat their favorite game on its most difficult setting....

i never played Demon Souls, and i'll need atleast one playthrough before starting a Deprived run.

Besides, your limiting the amount of fun you could have if you just play the game with only a Deprived character....
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User Info: sarcasticavenge

5 years ago#9
" limiting the amount of fun " in dark souls ? thats impossible

User Info: NuuType

5 years ago#10
its as good a choice as any, really..

It limits you in that you don't start out with spells, or a bow of the bat. But actually, simplicity can be a virtue in itself.
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