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Str or Dex? Which determines bow damage?

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User Info: witchfinder_dil

6 years ago#1
I'm looking to make a boromir type character which will focus mainly on str and uses sword and shield but also use a bow as a secondary weapon. Is it viable or does dex govern bow?
GT: Witchfinder Dil PSN:Turambar87

User Info: rkzhao

6 years ago#2

User Info: MaridStormbreak

6 years ago#3
Depends on the bow.
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User Info: Vermillion129

6 years ago#4
Should be depend on how you upgrade your Bow.

In Demon's Souls, bow have two part of upgrade.

"Quality" bow's damage scale off your STR and DEX equally, but the scaling is C rank for both

"Sticky" bow's decease your damage scale off your STR, but tremendously increase the scaling from DEX to S rank.

PS. there is two other long range type weapons in the game, crossbow and Large bow

crossbow has no scaling at all, and I'm not sure if you can upgrade them

large bow (not a long bow) is as huge as your character but not much info had been found about them. It could scale off strength consider your arrows are more like spear...

User Info: Jitawa

6 years ago#5
Both, but primarily dex, assuming the bow isn't modded.

The thing I found weird? Apparently the composite bow is shorter range than the long/short bow. (oh and none of the upgrade paths have increased range like Sticky that I've seen)

User Info: witchfinder_dil

6 years ago#6
Dex eh. I guess i'll have to rethink what type of character to play as on the first run. I played a spear and shield in DeS but i'd rather stay away from the comfort zone.
GT: Witchfinder Dil PSN:Turambar87

User Info: professor x

professor x
6 years ago#7
The large bow has C str scaling and C dex scaling. Most other bows have at least B dex scaling. The highest str scaling on any bow is C. So I'd say dex is the stat you want for bows.

Upgrade may change things, no idea what they do atm.
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User Info: berserks

6 years ago#8
Use a curved sword , problem solve .
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  3. Str or Dex? Which determines bow damage?

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