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  3. o_o MASAMUNE?!

User Info: pdizzles125

6 years ago#1
Support a fellow gamer's music. :)
Youtube User : PeteDoesDrums

User Info: Otaku_Oyabunn

6 years ago#2
That's the Monohoshi Zao (a.k.a, the "Washing Pole")
"Hmph, but you have no eggs!"

User Info: McJeph

6 years ago#3
Seen it.

Sephiroth builds incoming.

User Info: Honzou

6 years ago#4
You wouldn't know what a masamune sword is.
The All Father has bequeath me the gift of battle. So now I bequeath you my spear in your heart.

User Info: CoquitoAbK

6 years ago#5
great find bro!
Oblivion is the most complete game ever made after tic tac toe and pong

User Info: psxotaku

6 years ago#6
does anyone know where to get this weapon?

User Info: shadyelf

6 years ago#7
Does it split into two goblin wind spirits?

User Info: Warchilld999

6 years ago#8
Well thats the end of this board for me. To many people posting spoilers in the topic titles.

User Info: McJeph

6 years ago#9
Wtf is that thing @ 4:25.

User Info: DaedalusEx

6 years ago#10
Does it split into two goblin wind spirits?

Nice reference, but unfortunately the sword you're referring to is the "Grandleon."
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  3. o_o MASAMUNE?!

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