Weapons for mages?

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User Info: Thunder_Sniper

5 years ago#1
Just a quick question for those who have had the pleasure to experience Dark Souls already. In Demon's Souls, most mage/magic-based characters seemed to use the Uchigatana and the Moon Winged Spear and other stuff because you could upgrade them to do physical damage through your magic stat. Is there a similar situation in Dark Souls where there are preferred/specialized weapons/weapon types for mages?

More specifically, if I play a Sorcerer can I be running around with a Katana or a Scythe and not get railroaded?

Also just a confirmation: if I pick to start as a Sorcerer, I can learn spells from Pyromancy/Faith if I spec myself correctly and have the right catalysts?
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User Info: FrozenYogurtftw

5 years ago#2
There's an upgrade branch that gives an A scale in Int, so yeah you can run around with katanas and such as long as you upgrade along that.

User Info: overture2112

5 years ago#3
Yes, you can use any type of magic if you start as a Sorc as long as you obtain the correct catalyst.

In addition to the upgrade paths that increase Int scaling, there's also a few unique weapons that scale based on Int (see http://w.livedoor.jp/project_dark/d/%b7%f5 for example)

User Info: Jitawa

5 years ago#4
Note that spells have hard stat requirements, so to get a certain miracle, you might need 36 faith or some such. You may find it difficult to do a pronounced faith/int split on your stats. Also, if you were leveling faith on par int, you could use a faith scaling weapon instead.

The upgrade path that "can" hit A scaling for int is very high as well.
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