Knight Lautrec (the Gold Knight) of Carim Quest (SPOILER)

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User Info: dZehn13

6 years ago#1
This is to help all of you guys who ask about whether to keep the Knight Lautrec alive or kill him for his ring.



1- When you’re in the Undead Parish, you can find this NPC locked up in a prison
cell. To find him, you’ll need to go upstairs in the parish to where the pack
of Undead and the Channeler are located. After clearing the room of the enemy,
look to the right side of the room to find a set of stairs leading further up.
Go up those stairs to the next area and then break through the cracked wall
there. Once you do, enter the newly opened area and take the stairs to the top
to find the jail cell that holds Lautrec. It requires the Mystery Key to open, and
that can be found in the Undead Burg on a corpse. Use the key to open the
cell and free him. [a 01]
If you do not free him, he will find his own way out after you leave the Undead
Parish. Either way, he will appear in Firelink Shrine after you beat the Undead
Parish Boss thus finishing the area. Once you have finished Undead Parish, go
back to Firelink Shrine and you’ll find Lautrec sitting on the ground off to the
right and in front of Anastacia’s cave. If you freed him, then talk to him there
to get your reward, a Sunlight Medal.
Lautrec will stay in Firelink until you enter The Depths. Once you do, he’ll kill
Anastacia and then disappear. However, that is not the end. When you come
back from The Depths, check Anastacia’s cave to find her dead body and some
drop items. Amongst the items is a Black Eye Orb which you can use to find
Lautrec again, and reclaim Anastacia’s stolen soul.

2- While Lautrec is in Firelink, you can get some more dialogue out of him, but
you’ll have to go through a series of steps, and pay him some souls. Doing
this is optional, but it does give you a bit more insight into the character of
Petrus of Thorolund. Again, this is entirely optional and doesn’t impact gameplay,
but it is interesting and sheds some light on things.

3- When you reach Anor Londo, make your way through the area to the Boss
fight with Ornstein and Smough. In the large room just outside the room
where that fight takes place, the Black Eye Orb will begin to vibrate. That is
your hint on how to find Lautrec. Once you have cleared that room of the enemy
so that it is safe, use the Black Eye Orb to invade Lautrec’s realm.

When you do, you’ll face Lautrec and two of his comrades in a fierce battle.
All you need do is defeat Lautrec himself to win, but if you kill his Sorcerer comrade
there is a chance he will drop a Catalyst weapon. After you have killed Lautrec, return to
Firelink Shrine and again visit Anastacia’s cave to return her soul which will bring her
back to life and re-enable the Bonfire of Firelink Shrine.

Credit to Rafahil19 he/she the one who post this first.

User Info: xtraflossy

6 years ago#2

Thats pretty deep. I knew it was a "Yurt" so I freed him, got my medal and fought him. ...until he fat tolled off the cliff.

I litterally lol'd when he double fat rolled away from me

User Info: dZehn13

6 years ago#3

User Info: KillaManiac

6 years ago#4
More like credit to the guide as this is copy/paste from it.

User Info: ChampionEdition

6 years ago#5

I hadn't seen this before and if it weren't for Andi posting it I'd probably have come upon it when it was part of some wiki or FAQ in another playthrough or something. As it stands, I happened upon it in the wild. So what if he copypasta'd it. I copypasta'd it to a notepad for my /darksouls folder.

Thank you OP for this refresher.
Murderface, Murderface, Murderface, Murderface....

User Info: BlazeXx420xX

6 years ago#6
Yeah So I killed him and got his armor after talking to the *spoiler* princess, but no soul of ana.. wth? Anyone else had this happen?

User Info: AnnihilatorSol

6 years ago#7
So I killed him.. Where you get his armor?

User Info: Matt_Slammer

6 years ago#8
I'm assuming the "undead parish boss" is actually the two gargoyles at the bell tower. Is that correct? If I killed them and rang the bell, should Lautrec be back at Firelink? To clarify I DID free him from his cell.

User Info: Aftermathrar

6 years ago#9
I can't revive the firekeeper. What item should I have to use at the cave? Talking to the cave just says "Dead" with the option of "OK".

I've killed Lautrec and finished Anor Londo.

User Info: Aftermathrar

6 years ago#10
I'm an idiot, realized that I probably should have used the firekeeper soul on her, instead of my flask. GG. Dark souls is not a game for when you're tired.
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