Going for a mostly melee knight build.

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User Info: MagIcN3v3rDI3s

5 years ago#1
I'm new to this game and have a couple questions. I started off as a knight and just rung the first bell. I've gotten my faith high enough for a healing spell, but from here I just want to go mostly melee, and be able to take hits like a champ. Where should I be putting stats? Str, Dex, or Vit? Thanks for any help!

User Info: MobiusUnoDos

5 years ago#2
Early game you should get your Str to 16 to wield the Drake Sword. After that, pump Vit and End. The more End you have, the more you can block with your shield. The more Vit you have, the more hits you can take if anyone ever gets past your guard.
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User Info: Encephlon

5 years ago#3
Shouldn't you raise the strength to 50 for the demon hammer?
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User Info: DaHuddMan

5 years ago#4

So far, I made my strength and dex 24 and 18, respectively, so that I can wield both the zweihander and black night great sword effectively and that's working out pretty well for me

User Info: Klobzi

5 years ago#5
Well, it's a bit hard to raise STR to 50 this early in the game. This is advice for the lower levels.

I'm doing the same build TC, Holy Knight focus on Strength. I'm level 15 now with a Broadsword +2 and it's doing pretty decent damage to enemies. Until you get this Drake Sword (haven't seen it yet) maybe you should go with that?

User Info: Lady_Siara

5 years ago#6
Doesn't wielding the hammer with two hands mean you only need 33 str to wield it properly?

I don't imagine you'll be using your shield with it...

edit: derp

User Info: grove12345

5 years ago#7

oh great same problem in DS.

Str is somehow over rated in melee build again?

User Info: KGTrigger

5 years ago#8
grove12345 posted...
oh great same problem in DS.Str is somehow over rated in melee build again?

How is it a problem? You get to save those points for other stats instead.
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User Info: grove12345

5 years ago#9

b/c i like the idea of classes over stats and numbers.

I guess thematic reasons.

The idea of creating the best melee fighter by increasing your intelligence seems very unfair. Oh aswesome spells and best weapons okay. IMBALANCED.

Kind of like saying "oh good armor in Demons Souls sucks". Guess i got no reason to wear it in thefirst place.

Not sure why they got builds so tricky.

User Info: MagIcN3v3rDI3s

5 years ago#10
Is there any other way to get the Drake Sword other than shooting arrows at that dragons tail? I'd rather not do that because it kinda seems cheap, and I'd rather go by the book if you know what I mean. And I don't really plan on wielding anything 2 handed since I'm going to be using my shield most of the time.
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