how the **** do you use the bow and arrow

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User Info: timman7

6 years ago#1
yeah so i spent a few minutes collecting 1100 souls to buy a bow and 10 reg arrows from the first merchant i found, but idk how to use it..i equipped bow to my right hand hit rt and rb in various combos, and he just holds an empty bow..
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User Info: OhGood

6 years ago#2
well in real life you need 2 hands to use a bow... so maybe try using 2 hands instead of one?
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User Info: shuyin1

6 years ago#3
If the bow is in your right hand then press R1.

User Info: dangerman77

6 years ago#4
Equip your arrows in the appropriate equip slot.

User Info: Blue-Lava

6 years ago#5

Step 1) Pull out bow

Step 2) Use two handed grasp

Step 3) Use L1 for first person aiming

Step 4) R1 to fire

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  3. how the **** do you use the bow and arrow

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