how to get Covetous Silver Serpent Ring?

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User Info: SoulRain2

5 years ago#1

anyone know how to get this ring?

User Info: AnnihilatorSol

5 years ago#2
Sen's castle, a wall destroyed by the boulders.. (you'll see a stack of boulders and a broken wall, that's where the item is)..

User Info: tilburgs82

5 years ago#3
i think that's the gold serpent ring (boosts item drop rate). I found that 1 in sens castle. Or is the silver serpent ring (boosts soul gain) also in sens castle?

User Info: psy18

5 years ago#4
Just found this baby. same effect as ring of avarice (+20% souls from enemy slain)

In the Tomb of the Giants, near the second bonfire, there will be a giant skeleton accompanied by a four legged skeleton.

Behind the giant skeleton is a platform that can only be reached by jumping to it.
You can jump near where the giant skeleton is.

When you land grab the item but watch out for skeleton pillars.
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  3. how to get Covetous Silver Serpent Ring?

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