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User Info: rodevas

6 years ago#1
This is the build I am trying to get in dark Souls. What do you guys think as I did not play DS

Vit - 50
Att - 19
End - 40
Str - 24
Dex - 20
Int - 20
Fai - 50

As one can see this is a Faith Build. Let me explain it.
Since Vitality = health the more the merrier lol (some points can be dropped from vitality)
According to wiki pages 19 att = 5 slots. this can be lowered to 16 for 4 slots
Endurance is stamina capped
strength, dex and Int are required to wield Sword of the Arutoriusu
50 faith gets all spells and also this will be used sword damage

Now I did some number crunching and the best option for this build are the Thief and the Deprived.

P.S. I will be trying to better optimise this build with some changes and post again

User Info: statikcat

6 years ago#2

That sword is nice but I am a similar build but wondering if we can not put so many points into str/dex and just upgrade another weapon using stones to be on a similar level.

User Info: statikcat

6 years ago#3

Check out the Occult Broadsword at +5

B scaling with good phy and mag dmg.

User Info: rodevas

6 years ago#4
Thanks for the info about that sword did not know about it this will reduce strength and dex in my build. Although I am not that sure to reduce dex. I think the 20 dex are needed to provide some speed.

User Info: Mud_Chan

6 years ago#5
rodevas posted...
Now I did some number crunching and the best option for this build are the Thief and the Deprived.

Crunch again. You've raised every stat but Resistance, so every class will equal the same soul level. That soul level is 152. The difference is your deprived and thief will only get 11 and 10 RES respectively. If you start with Pyromancer or Wanderer, you get 12 RES. So essentially you get one to two free stat points at the same SL for absolutely nothing. Just thought I'd mention.
Demon's Souls/Dark Souls Stat and Weapon Calcs

User Info: Chaos_915

6 years ago#6
Artorias only requires 18 dex, not 20, So you could shave off 2 levels.

User Info: Chaos_915

6 years ago#7
The Occult Murakumo +5 is another alternative (28 str/13 Dex, 202phys/212mag, E/D/-/B), if you don't want to invest in up to 5-12 levels worth of INT, in exchange for 4 more levels in STR.

User Info: CMoon

6 years ago#8
Supposedly the claymore scales to A in faith with occult +5, but I don't know if this is exclusively a 2 handed weapon. Also can't find one.

User Info: Chaos_915

6 years ago#9
Occult claymore is only B rank faith

occult short/longbows and occult Black Bow of Pharis are the only S rank faith scaled weapons.

These are the other weapons that require faith
Crescent Axe +5 (req 18 Str/12 Dex/16 Faith, 172phys/172mag, D/D/-/B)
Darkmoon bow +5 (req 7 Str/16 dex/16 Faith, 120phys/120mag, E/D/-/D)
Tin Darkmoon Catalyst (req 4str/16 Faith, E/-/-/A, mag adjust 19-240)
Weapons that are B rank faith or better:

Occult Composite Xbow +5 (req 10 Str/8 Dex, 98 phys/102mag, E/D/-/A)

Occult Demon's Greataxe +5 (req 46 Str, 202phys/215mag, E/D/-/A)

Occult Darksword +5 (req 16 Str/16 Dex, 145phys/155mag, E/D/-/B), Darkwraith Covenant Only
Occult Sunlight Straight Sword +5 (req 12 Str/12 Dex, 145phys/155mag)
Occult Balder Side Sword +5 (req 10 Str/14 Dex, 143phys/150mag)
Occult Broadsword +5 (req 10 Str/10 Dex, 145phys/155mag)
Occult Longsword +5 (req 10 Str/14 Dex, 143phys/150mag)
Occult Shortsword +5 (req 8 Str/10 Dex, 140phys/147mag)

Occult Bandit's Knife +5 (req 6 Str/12 Dex, 98phys/105 mag)
Occult Parrying Dagger +5 (req 5 Str/14 Dex, 96phys/102 mag)
Occult Dagger +5 (req 5 Str/8 Dex, 98phys/105 mag)

Occult Bastard Sword +5 (req 16 Str/10 Dex, 187phys/197mag)
Occult Claymore +5 (req 16 Str/10 Dex, 184phys/192mag)

curved swords
Occult Scimitar +5 (req 7 Str/13 Dex, 143phys/150mag)
Occult Falchion +5 (req 9 Str/13 Dex, 145phys/155mag)

great curved swords
Occult Painting Guardian Sword +5 (req 7 Str/20 Dex, 135phys/142mag)
Occult Murakumo +5 (req 28 Str/13 Dex, 202phys/212mag), Murakumo dropped by the giant skeletons in the firelink shrine.

Great axes
Divine Demon's Greataxe +5 (req 46 Str, 192phys/235mag, E/D/-/B)

Occult Club +5(req 10 Str, 156 phys/162mag, E/D/-/B)
Occult Large Club +5(req 26 Str, 213 phys/225mag, E/D/-/B)

Occult Great Scythe +5(req 14 Str/14 Dex, 179 phys/187mag, E/D/-/B)

Occult Caestus +5 (req 5 Str/ 8 Dex, 106 phys/112mag, E/D/-/B)
Occult Claw +5 (req 6 Str/14 Dex, 116 phys/122mag, E/D/-/B)

User Info: Chaos_915

6 years ago#10
On your way to getting the stats for Greatsword of Artorias you can buy the crescent axe from patches. It's a good weapon to bridge the gap between upgrading a stronger weapon to the point where it can become occult.
Then depending on preference upgrade the bastard sword or claymore to occult.
If you prefer the slightly weaker occult great scythe.

Note:None of these suggestions will bring your stats up higher than the requirements for Artorias.

Then you can work on getting your stats up high enough to use Artorias.

The darkmoon bow may also be a good idea until you can make an occult long bow(I'm not sure which is actually better yet since I don't know how much damage S rank faith damage scaling adds).

If you want some basic magic get the tin darkmoon catalyst, since it scales to faith instead of INT. Only problem it has is that you have to choose this or the darkmoon bow, since they both use the same soul.
Then get the other in NG+.
Though you may want this if you already have access to an occult longbow.
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