Fire Icon on screen

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User Info: jer_1

5 years ago#1

I was playing last night and noticed a little fire looking icon on the upper right corner of my screen. Does anyone know what that is all about? I was thinking maybe it was a "loading" icon or something but it seems to go on all the time on my game.

User Info: cookie_kid

5 years ago#2
i believe it's the "saving" sign
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User Info: F L E S H

5 years ago#3
Pretty sure it's the loading icon.
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User Info: Crevox

5 years ago#4

User Info: carlzeiss23

5 years ago#5
Its the flame of saving

User Info: DJViagra

5 years ago#6
It means your game is auto-saving. It mentions that when you first start the game.
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User Info: jer_1

5 years ago#7

Oh did it, I guess I just totally missed that. I figured that was likely what it was but it flashes when I'm not really doing anything, just standing there looking at inventory or whatever. Thanks.

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